Maya Indians tattoos

Composed of tribal drawings, including Maori, Slavs, Celts, and Indians, ethnic movement is very popular among tattoo fans. When it comes to the Indians, usually the Maya tattoos are implied. Inking the Indian tribe drawings is not that easy. In this case, it's not referred to some special way of inking the drawing, yet the tattooer should be qualified. It is hard to convey the future tattoo symbolism.

Only some fragments of this civilization with just small samples of art of this tribe are extant today. The major part of the tribe culture was lost. This is precisely why it is so hard to explain the Maya aztec tattoo meaning. The tribe’s people worshiped different deities, including, for example, Goddess Agate. She was responsible for inking human body with drawings. The Aztec men are known to be great warriors, and their body images marked their brave acts and warrior triumphs. The inkings covered the most courageous Indians all over.

Of course, it doesn't mean that everyone with a Maya tattoo drawing on their body is somehow connected to warrior act of bravery. All in one, such tattoo looks rather aggressive. One doesn't have to be an expert in this field, to understand that the picture isn't much friendly. Yet today, when inking Maya tattoos, people mainly take interest in this highly-developed rich-culture extinct civilization. Sometimes, the body art of this tribe is taken for Aztec drawings.

The fundamental difference between those is that Maya tattoos were battle-oriented, and Aztec had a religious meaning.

The storyline and the style characteristics

If visiting the saloons, one might see most of the tattooers offering the drawings of pyramids and eagle as the Maya style tattoos. Likewise, another remarkable image- the Crystal Skull- supposed to be one of the extinct artefacts of this ancient people, appeared in the movement due to the featured movies. Often, the drawings of the totemic animals are inked.

The hallmark of Maya Indian tattoos is their unique font containing numerous thin lines. Accordingly, in order to execute this piece of work, the tattooer should be enough competent and well experienced.
Following are the particular qualities that can be marked out of the other characteristics of this tattoo movement:

  • the graphical lines in black color;
  • the great variety of small details;
  • the precise draughtsmanship.

Most of Maya style tattoos contain the sphere symbol associated with the sun and the circle of life. Just like the other tattoos of the movement, this drawing looks stylish with the arm.

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