What does the tattoo featuring a hummingbird symbolize?

Symbol: love, tenderness, rarity, airiness, reverence.

The hummingbird is considered to be the smallest bird and one of the most beautiful creatures on Earth. It inhabits not so many territories that is why the tattoo in the form of a hummingbird does not acquire various international meanings.

The hummingbird stands for beauty, airiness, and reverence. Its marvelous ability to hover has attracted people’s attention from ancient times until now. This particular talent made people of different cultures consider the bird a spiritual creature that possesses magic abilities.

The bird’s feathers signify the charm of passionate and merciless love. This evasive flier implemented speed and unbelievable agility. The tattoo featuring a hummingbird is widely accepted as a token of enthusiasm for life and joy. It is emblematic strength, power, and readiness to cope with challenges. Moreover, such a tattoo means that a person is prosperous and has sexual energy. In the tattoo, the hummingbird is depicted mostly hovering and drinking nectar from flowers. This nectar signifies winy drink of vehement love.

In the mythology of the Aztec, the hummingbird was considered to be the revered deity named Huitzilopochtli due to the assonance with the sound of waving wings. The images of a hummingbird are popular in Caribbean Islands where it stands for wealth of nature and diversity.

The tattoo depicting a hummingbird emanates optimism and goodness, highlights person’s sincerity, openness, and extraordinary traits. Alongside with butterflies hummingbirds caught on with women as a symbol of gracefulness. Such a tattoo signifies peace, tendance, and happiness. The hummingbird may be identified as a sign of uncommonness, unexpected joy, and entertaining life; as such multicoloured birds can be viewed in the impassable jungles.

About 3 hundred species of the hummingbird are known for today. Each species owns a particular colouration, form of tail, and other characteristics.

According to the Indians that lived in Central America, a couple of hummingbirds hovering together represented the loving souls that stayed together after death. They were called flittering flowers or jewels. The hummingbird symbolizes love, compassion, and life. In the mythology of the Indians, there are plenty of legends about this brave and uncatchable bird that saved people from drought and famine, guessed the Gods’ riddles, and fought for justice. That is why the hummingbird is a symbol of overcoming difficulties.

Such a tattoo fits cheerful and courageous people.

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