Men and women shoulder tattoo photos

The shoulder is the most successful body part for drawing almost any theme. The men and women sketches photos on will help you to choose the design. Why did shoulder tattoo become popular?

  • Any image or composition looks showy, realistic and 3D, due to the shoulder bend and a mighty tricep.
  • Almost any drawing can be extended to armpit, neck, chest, back, or hand.
  • It is easy to care of shoulder tattoo without assistance.
  • The picture stays clear and vivid for a long time, as it's always covered from the UV-rays and virtually doesn't rub against the clothes, as arm and legs images do. It is better to cover the tattoo with a sticker in solarium. The shoulder skin isn't age-effected, stays elastic and doesn't stretch, like, for example, the belly area.
  • You can put expose the body art picture, or hide it from strangers’ looks according to the situation.

Men and women shoulder tattoo always looks complete and aesthetic.
Even a man with a low threshold can be inked, due to the rather thick skin cover of this place. The main thing is to keep positive thinking and get ready for the procedure. One might feel a light pain in the beginning and in the end of the process, once the tattoo machine needle stucks the picture counter. An experienced tattooer and modern facilities will decrease the painful feelings to minimum.

Which shoulder tattoo to choose for men and women?

Choosing body art picture, consider the shoulder to put it on. The left side image means a defense, or an opportunity to bring fast buck or unexpected gain into your life. Orthodox should not ink pictures symbolizing the end of life, destruction, or anger: skull, death appearances, hell compositions, or purgatory. In criminal world, the tomb cross means loss of close people.
The right side - your wishes, life wisdom, and family well-being. Inscriptions, hieroglyphs, children names, or animals suit it the best. Lizard or griffin on the right shoulder symbolizes luck, and brings positive energy.
Thief tattoos, such as daggered skull, or snake enlacing cold weapons, shouldn't be placed on this body part. Beware the lion image with axe and arrows. The naked woman with snake and apples means belonging to passive homosexuals.

Women shoulder tattoos

The small-sized colorful or black-and-white body art pictures match women the best. 3D drawing, ethnic pictures, tribal style predators, and Gothic or graffiti inscriptions have an aesthetic look. Often, women decorate their shoulders with butterflies, stars, tiger in motion, (yet no bared teeth), snake, and exotic patterns, as well as playing and sleeping cats. As always, various styles of flower compositions are the most popular.
Deciding to ink a rose, or any other flower, make sure to choose the right amount of flowers and petals.

Men shoulder tattoo sketches

The tradition of men shoulder drawings comes from ancient times: thus, Indians depicted their tribal belongings. Today, the body art picture is the symbol of masculinity and courage.

Abstract, Celtic, or Polynesian patterns, as well as whole stories are drawn on the muscular shoulder. Inked emblems, inscriptions, and wild animals with and without bare teeth are widely spread. Japan style 3D expressive drawings accent the muscles counter. Dragon image with its head and tail extended to chest, back, or wrist looks good. Portraits of close people, as well as images of fighters and samurais appear frequently. Men like shoulder tattoo sketches and photos of armor and skull; biomechanics is popular as well. Covering the whole shoulder, ethnic-style ornament looks beautiful in black color.
Short, line, bracelet, or framed inscriptions are preferable.

Geometric style line and dotwork shoulder tattoos look interesting.  Thin lines, bright colors, and shadows add uniqueness and allure.


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