Meaning of the Rose Tattoo

Flowers look lovely and organically not only at home or in a garden or in a vase, but also on drawings. Roses are associated with luxury, tenderness, elegance and sensuality. The Rose Tattoos are very common for a young girls and women who appreciate love and romance.

Meaning of Rose tattoo

This flower is related to the classics, aristocracy, art, floral design. Gallant cavaliers bring their ladies roses, thereby expressing their admiration and sympathy. The Rose Tattoo conjures up thoughts about matters of the heart and the drawing may symbolize beauty and mystery. Roses incarnate emotional feelings, awe, excitement, dedication, passion and attraction. The specific meaning of the image connected with its special features.

White flower is associated with fidelity, chastity, youthfulness. Rose can be seen not only as a way of expressing feelings, but from the perspective of the philosophy. In this sense, the meaning of the object bears loftiness, ease, purity, compassion and sensitivity. White Rose is seen as a favorable sign, a positive symbol. These tattoos can be done by the idealists, perfectionists, representatives of creative professions (poets, painters, workers of museums and theaters). Many women like a light-colored flower, but it is especially nice for young ladies, brought up on classical literature and the rules of etiquette.

Pink flower means diligence, courtesy, sincerity, romantic notes. A tattoo with such image appeals to girls who assign prime importance to love in their lives and are able to relive a lot of emotions associated with the relationship. Sentimental women who are trusting people much and are receptive to what is happening in their lives may like roses of this shade. The color primarily embodies tenderness and all that goes with it. The drawing with this object corresponds well to the image a guardian of the family hearth and a caring wife.

Purple Rose personifies cold charm, restraint, self-sufficiency, solitude, originality. This option is twin with creative types who love to be in solitude and perceive reality barred. Female introverts may opt for this type of tattoo. Purple rose can symbolize excellent intuition, balance of emotions, mystery, secrecy and charisma. This flower reminds people of the fairy tales, unusual phenomena and aesthetics.

Yellow flower is associated with sadness, separation, termination of communication. Roses with such color are usually presented in gratitude for the old feelings, and thus put an end to the relationship. Yellow Rose may resemble not only about love, but also about the time of year - the symbol corresponds to the autumn period, and can be identified with the natural aspects. The object can be an expression of melancholy, disappointment, nostalgia. Nowadays the meaning of the flower is reviewed and many do not agree with the fact that its meaning is only despondency. Some people just like yellow color, regardless of the fact what it can symbolize.

Temperamental women, fatal beauties, flirt lovers and influential persona like Red Rose. Tattoos in this style can embody courage, self-confidence, haughtiness, complex nature, giddiness. Red flower is associated with the dramatic changes in personal life, bright emotions, unforgettable stories, incredible love affairs. The symbol carries a powerful message, attracting attention of others.

Blue Rose sets at the gaze, it can be called a rarity. It is the embodiment of all the extraordinary, supernatural and wonderful. Such tattoos are prefered by creative individuals who have well-developed imagination. Black Roses convey the mood of melancholy, grief, hopelessness, sadness. Women who are fond the gothic style usually like dark flower.

Meaning of rose tattoo in different cultures

Rose was first cultivated in Persia and was considered a male flower, but when it became widespread, it became mainly associated with women. A touching legend about the thorns of the bush was composed, according to which the nightingale fell in love with the beautiful rose and endured torments to be close with her. He could not stand the sharpness of thorns, but devoted his beloved lyrical songs, yet he had the strength for this.

The Chinese believed rose is a symbol of prosperity, abundance, welfare and success. In the culture of the Greeks a flower meant a combination of love and beauty, so it was associated with Aphrodite. The ancient Romans believed that the faded rose opens the gate to the kingdom of shadows inhabited by different creatures. In Christianity, the object is identified with generosity, forgiveness, compassion, charity.

In Buddhism the rose was considered the symbol of the three dimensions of truth (knowledge, law and order). The story voice the following: the flower does not always had a positive meaning, in the XVI century people, which were sentenced to death, worn pectoral drawings of this flower. The alchemists saw in this symbol an allusion to the transition to the other worlds, the rejection of mundane desires. Nowadays it is considered in European culture that a rose is similar to a lotus in its meaning. Sometimes it is credited with the property of unionizing of two principles - yin and yang.

Flower can be described not only in general sense, but also its components meaning can be determined separately. The bud symbolizes fame and popularity, the leaves - the joy, and the thorns express sadness, depression. Tattoos often have a realistic view, although now there is the fashion for variations in the fantasy style. In addition to all the above Rose can impersonate inacessibility, platonic love.

For centuries flowers are reputed by a society and serve as a way of expressing intimate feelings. Special attitude to the roses are experienced by the romanticists, musicians, poets and all the others who are close to the thoughts about the eternal. Rose Tattoo is a classic option that is always topical.

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