Rose tattoo

Roses are considered nearly the most popular motives of tattoos. There exist a lot of interpretations of this image. In this article we will tell you, what does the rose tattoo on the woman`s body mean.

What does the rose tattoo mean?

It is the most popular flower symbol, which is chosen by women to decorate their body. Rose tattoos had different meanings in various times. For instance, people of the 16th century associated this flower with prison, because it was pictured on the bodies of sentenced to death prisoners.
But among most peoples the rose on the arm or other part of the body is associated with innocence, beauty, feminity, passion and love:

  1. For ancient Greeks the rose became the symbol of Aphrodite – the goddess of beauty and love. White rose means pure and sincere love.
  2. The interpretation of this flower in ancient Egypt was similar. But instead of Venus (or Aphrodite, it is the same) it symbolized Isis – the goddess, which was the patroness of woman origin and maternity.
  3. Europeans often called the picture of the rose on the leg, arm, shoulder or back «Mystical Mary». Many people still associate this flower with the holy image of the Virgin Mary. A tattoo with the red rose with fallen petals is considered the symbol of the nailed to the cross Jesus. Petals are the drops of blood on the ground after the crucifixion.
  4. Rose tattoos have interesting explanation in the Land of the Rising Sun. For them the image of rose symbolizes prosperity and well-being. By the way, this flower is also regarded as the realization of men`s and women`s beginning, or to say it short Yin and Yang
  5. The Romans put deep and mysterious meaning in rose tattoos. A withered flower in Rome was regarded as the symbol of kingdom of the dead. It is the reminder, that life is very fleeting.
  6. In Italy roses are associated with spring.

Modern interpretations of tattoos with roses
Surely, ladies make tattoos with roses much more often, but this symbol can be found on the man`s body as well. The colour and even very small elements of the picture have their specific meaning:

  1. White rose means anxious feelings and innocence.
  2. Passionate and self-confident ladies are often tattooed with red roses on the neck or hip.
  3. Blue roses are more to the liking of extraordinary, bright and self assured people.
  4. Tattoos with yellow roses can be interpreted in different ways. Some people believe, that it is the symbol of parting and separation, others think, that the only thing this colour means is happiness.
  5. Pink in tattoos is associated with sincere gratitude.
  6. Black roses are chosen by dark people. Mainly, for those who make tattoos with black flowers, sadness is the common feeling, and death is associated with happy eternity and peace.

A tattoo with thornless rose on the shoulder is the sign that its owner is in love. The presence of thorns shows that the person is a man of fine fibre and watches the condition of his inner world very attentively.
The more leaves are there on the tattoo, the happier its owner is. Roses in buds mostly mean popularity, universal love and fame. And the flowers with straight and solid stems are the choice of people with strong spirit and character. The tattoos with roses can be made on legs, arms, hips and wherever one wants.

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