Shoulder tattoos

Since ancient times people aspired to decorate themselves, and accent their personality. There are several ways to do it, including tattooing. The tattoo history is thousands of centuries years old. Even anciently, in some tribes, people decorated themselves on weddings, funerals, or when a baby was born. Moreover, when preparing to fight, ancient people covered both their body and face with scary masks. Rather often, the drawings were indelible, as in inked beneath the skin tattoos, thus staying on their owner for all his life.

Today, tattoos are still popular and up-to-date. Many people use the tattoo to stand out of the crowd, probably attract someone's attention, or maybe just tattoo something important, some inscriptions or symbols that changed their life or dramatically influenced it. Nowadays, tattooing has become a true art due to a great amount of tattooing methods and various images.

At first, shoulder tattooing is easy for the artist. The area is rather large, and the tattooer can give a free range to fancy and create a real masterpiece. Besides, the oval form of the shoulder gives an opportunity to make the realistic and true 3D images. Tattooing this place is comfortable for the artist, and doesn't cause much discomfort as it's almost painless. Thereby, the second reason to choose the shoulder tattoo is its painless; just a light prickling might bother you while inking the tattoo.

Another reason: at most, the shoulder is hidden under the clothes, so it is possible not to show up the tattoo, if it is important in some situations. Besides, permanently protected from the sun, the drawing is better preserved, its ink colors do not fade, that is particularly important for the line, tiger, or dragon image tattoo owners.

When it comes to the aesthetic shoulder tattoo qualities, one can easily admit its special charm and style. Not in vain, even famous people often have shoulder tattoos. Angelina Jollie, David Backham, Pink, Johnny Depp, Eminem, Timati, and many others have decorated themselves that way. While men often make the brutal tattoos, demonstrating their force and power, women use the shoulder tattoo to show their delicacy, or spirit integrity inking some inscriptions or tracery.


Mens shoulder tattoos include both images of the well-known animals (lion, bear, tiger, dog, and others), and different bizarre animals, such as dragons, firebird, etc. Usually, muscular and large man shoulder allows inking the whole subject. Thanks to the shoulder form, the drawing gets a 3D realistic view.

Various 3D abstractions, animals’ and birds’ images, far-away countries culture symbols, for example, Polynesian, Indian feathers, curves, and others look beautiful and stylish.


At most, shoulder tattoos for girls are some inscriptions, different ornaments, and flowers, small arm banding bracelets, bugs, little snakes, and other patterns. There can be the date of some significant event in life inked with special symbols, extraordinary beautiful birds, or flowers.

Some girls do not appreciate tattoos on their body. Yet, usually, the decorated body tells about its owner’s comprehensive and strong personality, maybe even rough-tempered and strong-willed, with a backbone, standing on their own feet, self-confident and successful in everything.


See the shoulder tattoo video in order to get to know the process better.

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