Hummingbird tattoo

Hummingbird tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo designs. It is beautiful and graceful. The main meaning of the hummingbird tattoo is love and joy. Like most bird tattoos, the hummingbird symbolizes freedom. Hummingbird tattoo design is usually highly colored with lots of flowers. Tattoos can be inked on shoulder, forearm, back and other parts of the body.

The Mayas and Aztecs believed the hummingbird to be a bird of love. They used its feathers to prepare love potions and drugs. The Mayas also believed that hummingbirds which flied in pairs were the souls of deceased lovers. So a tattoo with a pair of hummingbirds is associated with this legend. It means that the person wants to find the one, and the loyalty and devotion are a priority for him.

This small bird can hover in one position. So since ancient times the relationship with the soul and other magical properties have been attributed to it. And this mystical meaning applies to the image of this tiny beautiful bird which is inked on the human body.

The most traditional hummingbird tattoo design is a hovering bird (freedom, motion). The feathers, gently falling down mean that person regrets the past pleasurable moments. Despite the small size, hummingbirds are almost elusive. This speedy flight is identified with the hummingbird tattoo: it is the symbol of power, including sexual, strength and ability to meet challenge.

The hummingbird tattoo is often combined with the exotic flower from which the bird drinks nectar. This design symbolizes unexpected joy and pleasure. This meaning is popular in the countries where hummingbirds live in nature.

Hummingbird tattoo is often inked in color. Firstly, it's just beautiful. And secondly, it corresponds to the bright natural coat of this tiny birdie. Hummingbird tattoo is often inked on those parts of the body which are constantly in motion (shin, foot, hand). So the tattoo looks dynamic and mobile. Women often ink the hummingbird tattoo on the neck and the effect of motion is given by curls.

In Eastern culture hummingbird is a symbol of beauty and grace. As a rule these tattoos are inked by young women. In European culture the hummingbird tattoo is made both by men and women, there is no precise division.

If you choose this bird as a symbol for the tattoo, ask your tattoo artist to create a unique design according to your requirements.

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