The most beautiful tattoo lettering on the shoulder

Tattoo-lettering on the shoulder is one of the most visible kinds of body painting. You can seen them all the year round. The owner of this tattoo will attract attention of other people in the street, so this picture what should carry a meaning, a message or some instructions. Demonstration of its originality, intellectual sophistication and richness of the spiritual world are the main reasons to do tattoo on such parts of their body.

They say that certain pictures attracts certain energy, which changes the world view, life events and even the fortune. It's your business - to believe or not to believe, but the lettering tattoo on your shoulder really needs to be approached thoroughly.

You can start with a small catch phrase, and then frame it in a masterpiece or leave it uncluttered and neat forever. The tattoo can be in different places in the shoulder area, depending on this, calculate the surface area of application and the size of the phrase.

What can be tattooed on the shoulder:

  • Your name or the name of the second half
  • Phrases from favorite movies, songs, books
  • Quotes of great people
  • Witty and satirical sayings
  • Drawing and concise annotation to it

If you put the text from the shoulder to the elbow, its size can be virtually unlimited in length andirons can be a sports rhyme, a beautiful poem or lyrics from favorite songs. Others will be interested to read it completely – consider that when you catch yourself for a long time. A great solution would be to quote in a foreign language – Chinese, English, Italian or French, for example. In this case, the most important aim is to reach the correct translation to "polyglots" of your social circle. Otherwise they could mock you for the incomplete phrases or the use of inappropriate (incorrectly translated) language. Using, for example, slang words in literary phrase – this is mauves ton and a terrible embarrassment. Therefore, before making a tattoo on the shoulder in the form of the letters – you need to consult with a professional linguist or translator who will be able in the right order put the words in the sentence, use your own synonyms, to make up your own text.

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