Black rose tattoo meaning

Among the wide divercity of tattoos, the picture of the black rose enjoys much popularity. The tattoo of the black rose is associated with sadness and romance. Why is this variant chosen out of many others? And why is it a frequent pick of women? Let`s try to find out, what does such a tattoo signify.
The most common meaning of the tattooing with the black rose is death and grief. In the western countries black is connected with woe and loss (we wrote, that in the East the symbol of sorrow is white) and is considered the colour of burial. The rose is the symbol of love, so the black rose means sorrow and sadness of wasted love. It may be the loss of beloved person or gone feeling. In such a case some text is often added to the tattoo: person`s name, words of love etc. In some subcultures the black rose is regarded as the sign of Goths.

Another widespread sense of the tattoo with the black rose is devotion and hope. Devotion not only to a certain person, but also to an idea, an idea unreal or unachievable, or to a wish which will never come true. These very delusive hopes could be symbolized by the black rose tattoo.
The red rose was the symbol of England, and when the Irish started the war for independence, they chose the black rose in contrast, as a sign of their fight. Lots of Irish warriors tattooed themselves with a picture of the black rose. Nowadays the black rose is among anarchists` symbols.
The black rose could be found on the body of not just Irish fighters. Many soldiers choose the tattoo of the black rose to show, that their way is ended, but they were not hoping to return back home.

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