What hummingbird tattoos means

Hummingbird is the smallest and the fastest bird on earth. Its image became especially popular in the female tattoo.

The meaning of hummingbird tattoo

  1. Freedom, love of life and optimism. Like any bird the hummingbird is the symbol of freedom. Its bright colors and extraordinary mobility became the embodiment of a light attitude to life and positive.
  2. Love, care, devotion. The ancient Mayans believed that hummingbirds assisted in love: they help to achieve reciprocity or overcome unrequited love. Their feathers were used for making love potions.
  3. The ease and beauty. Indians revered these birds for their originality and beauty and called them «fluttering flowers».
  4. Cheerfulness, courage. Small birds are showing considerable effort, collecting nectar from flowers and bravely defending from larger birds.
  5. The richness of nature, charity. In Brazil people believed that in times of drought when the scorching sun has destroyed all the vegetation, it was the hummingbird that saved the population from thirst.
  6. Grace, sexuality. In Eastern culture this bird is the embodiment of femininity.

How it is depicted

Hummingbird is almost always depicted in flight or next to a flower. Hummingbird’s feather is a charm and ruthless love. Steam tattoo symbolizes the loyalty and devotion. Feathers falling from the wings is regret about past joyful moments.

The main places of application

The hummingbird is a small bird, so a tattoo with her image is not large. They are most often applied on the shoulder, lower back, collarbone, shoulder blade, calf, wrist or ankle.

This tattoo is chosen by extraordinary girls who desire to be the center of attention and loving bright life. They know how to enjoy every day, radiate openness, optimism and harmony and also  have a gentle and sensual soul.

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