The meaning of hummingbird tattoo

What you need to know about the meaning of hummingbird tattoos

A hummingbird is the smallest and also one of the most amazing birds in the world. The habitat of the hummingbird is not so extensive, so a tattoo with a picture of it is not too widespread and significant.

Hummingbird represents such qualities as tenderness, lightness, timidity. Its ability to hover in place admired and attracted the attention of man from ancient times. This has led some peoples beliefs that hummingbirds associated with magic and other supernatural forces.

The feathers of these beautiful birds symbolize passionate love. The elusive hummingbird at all times identified with agility and speed. It is a symbol of energy and the ability to perform impossible tasks. In addition, a hummingbird tattoo can mean sexual energy and human well-being. In most cases the hummingbird is depicted hovering in place and drinking nectar from a flower which is associated with the intoxicating nectar of unbridled love.

Hummingbird has earned a place of honor in the mythology and beliefs of the ancient Aztec peoples, where it was considered a deity. Hummingbirds and its images are very popular in the Caribbean, where it is considered a sign of wealth and diversity of nature.

The meaning of hummingbird tattoo

The hummingbird tattoo radiate optimism, cheerfulness emphasizing the sincere and open nature of the human soul. It is very popular among the beautiful half of the population along with various flowers, butterflies because it symbolize grace, lightness and originality. The hummingbird tattoo signifies peace, happiness and care. This amazing bird can be a sign of the rarity, little joy and brightness, cause it lives in the dense impenetrable jungle.

According to the legends of Indians, hummingbirds flying in tandem are the souls of lovers who retained their love even after death. This bird is also related to many legends where a hummingbird helps people get out of difficult situations or itself gets out of them, so it is a symbol of overcoming obstacles.

Today the world knows about 300 species of hummingbirds, which diverse in color, tail length and other characteristics, so if you decide to get a hummingbird tattoo, you will have plenty of variants to choose.

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