Meanings of tattoos: Rose Tattoo

Rose is known that any tattoo on the human’s body is a symbol; it also reflects an event or events, which preceded the emergence of this tattoo. Besides, many tattoos can tell about activities of the person hidden interior, that’s why many tattoos are drawn in rather secret, even intimate places of the human’s body.

Rose Tattoo has its special meanings and characters. You shouldn't think that such a tattoo is usual or the only, most often there are no two absolutely identical tattoos. Rose Tattoo is often a choice of a both genders: men and women. Each element of the Rose Tattoo is a symbol.

The history of the emergence of the Rose Tattoo began some centuries ago, so in the sixteenth century prisoners, who were sentenced to death, had to draw such tattoos.

In the modern world tattoo is a way of design of your body, but its symbolical character is still important. So, if you see a Rose Tattoo with thorns, most likely her owner endured love which result was a loss, rejection or death of one of beloved, and the rose in this case has to be blood-red color.

Rose Tattoo without thorns seems to be more pretty and soft. The owner of such a tattoo wish to represent his love as pure, gentle and innocent. If a rose has red color, it symbolizes love at first sight, if a rose is yellow, such love brings to the owner of the tattoo joy, white color symbolizes respect and devotion for the beloved and orange color serves to demonstrate enthusiasm, passion and desire.

In addition to color, the design is also extremely important to the Rose Tattoo. Therefore, owners of tattoos very seldom ask to make simply a flower, very often together with a rose it is drawn other symbolical subjects: cross, heart, angel or on the contrary skull, bones. Near a rose symbols Yin and Yang can be specified. Tattoo can consists of many roses; they can be bound with each other or broken. Sometimes drawing a Rose Tattoo serves as an oath of fidelity and love until the end of the life.

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