Aztec tattoos meanings

Do you remember the recent agiotage bound with the apocalypse of 2012? The main emphasis was put on a certain Mayan calendar limited just to the very day 21.12.2012. However as we see now, the alarm was vain. But on the other side, thanks to this turmoil, the interest in ancient civilizations considerably increased. Someone limited oneself only to superficial researching of the topic, others decided to be engaged in studying of the question more closely and now they are independently capable to do lecturing at universities. With that, the interest rose also in tattoos related to ancient civilizations. Everyplace you can see freakish patterns, the dream catcher pictures and the painted sun disk.  So what meaning of Aztec tattoos is? About it read further. All similar tattoos distinguish itself with complexity and variety of patterns. Thus, many people are doing ones only for one reason - because of an external appeal. But some attach them a special spiritual significance.

Naturally, the main point of Aztec tattoos has mainly religious, ritual character. Therefore the most part of them portrays gods’ pictures. So, God of the Sun was considered as the most important from them and was depicted as a face on the sun wheel and painted in blue.

The second for popularity is the portrayal of a dagger by which one cut still alive enemy's heart out for the immolating to God of War. The picture with a winged dragon represented the God of fertility and art and played a huge role in the tribe's life as it affected almost all areas of its life. In addition to worshiping to deities such tattoos displayed a person's status in society, his individual achievements. If you do not know where you can get Aztec tattoo, then ask for help in our showroom. Having a long experience, our professionals perform the pattern of any complexity. If you are experiencing difficulties with the choice - the master-hand prompt you the decision.



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