Tree of life tattoo

Tree of life tattoo is a kind of tattoo that can be generally referred to as a tree tattoo, but it is more specific.

Tree of life tattoo can have many different meanings. Among the most popular meanings are the eternity, the longevity, as well as the connection between the ancestors and those who live after them, who are actually living in different worlds. The tree of life tattoo usually means the beginning of all beginnings and the birth of life itself.

celtic tree of lifeAmong ancient Celts the roots of such tree were the symbol of the underworld. The trunk here represented the real world and the branches were used to connect different worlds with each other.

It is considered that the gods Isis and Osiris of Egypt were born from this kind of tree. In the Chinese mythology it was also considered to be the tree of immortality. This perfect tree was respected a lot and that's why it was guarded by the dragons. And right here we see another meaning of the tree of life tattoo – the meaning of the eternal life and the divinity of live as well.

Tree of life tattoo is known to be a universal kind of tattoo, because it is usually equally suitable for men and women. It is very important that such kind of tattoo will not become just a beautiful picture on body, but will also bear great and deep meaning, a serious philosophy of being. The tree of life is a symbol of great strength and beauty both in material and non-material understanding. It will not cease to strike us with its nature beauty and longing for life.

In Christianity the tree of life was known to be the main tree in the garden of Eden, growing right in the center of it, near the tree of knowing of the good and the evil, from which the first human beings ate. This tree became the symbol of human development and constant connection of the human beings with God. The fruit and the leaves of the tree of life give salvation and health to the righteous people and those who love God and make everything right. Thus we can say that the tree of life tattoo has a unique symbolic meaning and can be met in many cultures and religions all over the world, therefore being very popular.

When applying the tree of life tattoo, as well as many other kinds of tattoos, it is necessary to remember that the actual tattoo design should be unique. Also in the web you may find many different examples of tree of life tattoos and try to combine different traits from them to create your own unique tattoo design.


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