Palm tree tattoos

Nowadays in different countries in the tattoo art we can easily meet such kind of tattoo designs as the palm tree tattoo. It was also very popular and much demanded in ancient times. Usually it was applied by those people who visited some exotic islands in the past. Nowadays the palm tree tattoo usually ends on the bodies of those people who love to travel to the hot and exotic countries. Also such kind of tattoo can be met among those people who often attend the Southern seas.

palm tree tattoo pictureBecause the palm tree grows usually straight and is always covered with green leaves, the meaning of the palm tree tattoo can be the success, something outstanding or victory.

Some people can treat the palm tree as the phallic sign and treat it as the symbol of the endless strength and fertility.

Of course, some palm tree tattoos are more suitable for women because there are similar traits with the female body. If the palm tree tattoo is represented with fruit, it is surely the famine symbol, and these fruit are usually treated like women breasts. With the long life and prosperity – the main traits of the palm tree – it is becoming a great symbol of stability and fertility for the long times to come.

Many cultures usually think palm tree and its branches to symbolize the glory and the victorious battle, due to which the death and the sins lost their strength. Among the Catholics the palm tree was symbolically used during the burial rituals. Those people who want to apply the palm tree tattoos, usually want to revel some joy or to show that the truth for them is the most important trait of the character in life.

The palm tree tattoo usually means everything connected to the sunny beginning, joy, truthfulness and glory. The palm tree is always growing straight, and that's why such kind of tattoo can also mean the winning and the triumph. It is necessary to add here, that the palm tree is also considered to be one of the forms of the tree of life. Let us see what the palm tree means in different cultures and in different countries. In Arabic countries it is considered to be the tree of life. In China palm tree tattoos mean the going away from the deeds and the fertility. In Christianity the palm tree means immortality, and in this meaning it is often combined with Phoenix. Also it can mean the divine blessing and the Paradise. In the early Catholic times it was the symbol of burial. In Egypt the palm tree tattoo is considered to be the symbol of the calendar tree that gives one new branch every month. In Greece the palm tree is known to be the symbol of the Apollon.

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