Family tree tattoo

Family tree tattoo - is a kind of tattoo that shows the ancestors of the person who applies it. Before we closely speak of what exactly family tree tattoos can look like, it is highly necessary for us to understand what the family tree is.

So, family tree is the schematic representation of the relationships of some person, usually represented in the form of some symbolic tree, at the root of  which usually there is a person who started the family, in the trunk of which there are the representatives of the main family line and on the branches – the different lines of families. However, there are many cases when such hierarchy is not stylized to look as a tree.
There are cases when the tree, to be much more convenient, is depicted vice versa, or upside down, when the beginner of the family is positioned in the upper part.

There are sometimes also the peculiar examples of the family tree – the so-called round family tree, however it is not too widespread. Usually such kinds of family trees can be met in England or in France. In the center of such family tree is put the person whose relatives are studied, and then the second circle is divided into two equal parts, where the actual parents of the person are put. In the third circle there are already four parts, where the grandparents are put and so on.

Also for example, in Russian genealogy in the family tree there can be relationships only according to the fathers family.

Nowadays we cannot say that family tree tattoos can be considered to be very popular. However they are usually applied of course by those people who know their genealogy quite well – all the ancestors and so on. For this, of course, it is necessary to conduct the proper research. It is very interesting that family tree tattoos can be represented in many different forms. If we speak about the most wide-spread places where the family tattoos can be applied, we should first of all name the shoulder, as the most convenient and the most interesting, as well as wide-spread place to apply such kind of image. Also, of course, the family tree tattoo can be put on rather big surface, such as the back, the chest, the belly and so on. Very rare we can see such kind of tattoo applied to the legs or some other parts of the body.

Of course it goes without saying that you should exactly know your ancestors to be able to create a good and truthful family tree tattoo design that will be attractive as well.

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