Cherry blossom tree tattoo

Cherry blossom tree tattoos – the kind of tattoos in which the blossoming cherry tree is involved in different forms.

The most wide-spread symbol of the cherry blossom tree tattoo is known to be the sakura. Sakura is considered to be the symbol of Japan.

cherry blossom tree tattoo on ribsDuring many long centuries the cherry blossom of sakura was the most beloved symbol among the people of this country and it is also the symbol of the Japanese character. However, this love can be explained not only by the traditional origins, but also because of the seasons. The spring in Japan is usually beginning when the season comes for Cherry blossoming. And this season comes not when several single trees begin to blossom, but when all the country turns out to be the magical garden in which the white and the light pink cherry blossom flowers grow.

In the end of march, when the last winter cold weather goes away, Japanese islands begin to drown in cherry blossom trees. It is, of course, absolutely not necessary to say that the cherry blossom tree tattoos, or the sakura tattoos, as they are also called, are very popular in Japan. However, because of their beautiful looks, such tattoos are really popular all over the world. The blossoming of cherry blossom trees in Japan begins from the South and in the beginning of April comes to Tokyo.

Hanami is known to be the watching of the blossoming cherry tree – the most peculiar and the most beloved tradition of all Japanese people. Despite the fact that Hanami actually can be translated as the love for watching the flowers, it is also highly associated with the good picnics with a lot of food and drinks with the family or friends under the blossoming cherry trees.

So, why the cherry blossom tree remains popular even nowadays? It is said that the quickness of blossoming of such Sakura tree, that can be seen only for the several days, is very peculiar and similar to the main traits of character of Japanese people. The Sakura flowers were usually also chosen to be the main objects of many poems, pictures, photos, movies and so on.

Sakura and other cherry blossom tree tattoos are usually chosen by women because of their beauty and attractiveness. Such kinds of tattoos can be placed practically everywhere on the body because they can be made in many different shapes and sizes and therefore can be rather suitable for any kind of surface and any kind of area on the body.

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