What does tree tattoo usually mean

For each and every culture the meaning of the tree tattoos are really different. In the Celtic variant the tattoo representing a tree usually meant that the bearer of such tattoo is connected with the harmony between the conscious and unconscious world. If we speak about some Asian countries, the ability of quick and swift regeneration and renewal – these are the meanings of the tree tattoos here.

For Slavic cultures the tree is known to be the symbol of consistence and longevity of life.

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Depending on the will of the applicants, you can apply many different variants of the tree tattoos. These can represent the tree tattoos with some plot, using some tree elements and the trees as a whole.

If we speak about famine variants, we should say that the most interesting and suitable variants are known to be sakura during the period of blossoming. The meanings of such sakura tree tattoo are various and plenty, however the effect is usually quite the same – sakura, blossoming on the skin looks very charming and interesting. One glance on the blossoming sakura can reveal such meanings as the beauty, the art and the power of the natural energy of life.

Such tree tattoos as the oak and the alder tree that are known to represent the strength and stability are more suitable for men. Such trees have always been considered to be sacred and were always honored on the highest level possible. In their own turn, the amulets with the depiction of the trees usually are known to possess the rather big level of mystical protection.

Thus the people with tree tattoos can be met rather often. The most wide-spread variant of tree tattoo image is known to be the tree of life, because its symbolism is rather great. This meaning is highly connected with different biological qualities of this plant. The tree is known to grow for a very long time, to develop. This symbolizes calamity and ability to wait for a long time. Of course, because of the longevity of living there is also such trait as wit. Also such tree tattoo can symbolize kindness, calamity and the ability to coldly analyze everything, without bad emotions.

The type of the depicted tree usually determines its meaning. Of course the main meaning of any tree is stability and foundation. Let us see the main meanings of different tree tattoo designs depending on the tree.

The tree of life usually symbolizes the immortality and the eternity, wit and knowledge, power and protection, fertility and growth, salvation and forgiving.

The apple tree has double symbolism – it is usually evil as well as seduction – of course because of the fact as it is represented in Bible. Also the apple tree on the tree tattoo can have the meaning of knowledge and teaching.

The alder tree tattoo means the end of the fears and hesitation. Also such tattoo can symbolize mourning and crying. The birch tree tattoo has a positive meaning in the form of the new beginnings, resurrection and renovation.

Maple tree tattoo usually means equality, harmony and ability to do something. Oak tree tattoo has such symbolism, that it usually means endurance, bravery and so on. The main and the best places for tree tattoo application are the back or the arm. Slightly more rare we can meet such tattoo on the  leg. It is widely acknowledged that tree tattoos are popular because of their appearance and attractiveness. If one wants to find the meaning of the tree tattoo that he wants, he will be able to do it for sure because there are many different kinds of trees and therefore the meanings of different tree tattoos can be various. Everybody therefore can find something up to his or her likings and will be able to express everything he or she wants with this tattoo.

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