Images for forearms tattoos

Forearm tattoos are known to be very popular and wide-spread. This place is always usually open to the views and that's why here people usually place some decorative theings that are meant to make their bodies more attractive. Sometimes, however, here we can see some cyphered images or inscriptions that mean something that is known only by those people who apply such tattoo. The fact that the forearm tattoo application process goes almost painless many people choose this exact location to apply some great and interesting tattoo design.

Among the most popular forearm tattoos there have always been the images depictiong different animals. They can be explained differently according to the beliefs of different people and nations, connected with this or that animal.

images for forearm tattoos

For example, in Indian mythology the tiger is considered to be an agressive animal that attacks without any particular reasons. Japanese people believe that the tiger is the symbol of untamed spirit, fearlessness. It is also known to be considered as the totem of the warrior and winner. The tiger in the cage is considered to be the caught but not tamed person, and the tiger that gets ready for a jump can describe the fact that the person is constantly ready to fight back and is dangerous for the enemies. Here we can look now on different examples of forearm tattoo that finally can end up on your own forearm and can see their different meanings.

Thus, the wolf is known to mean the freedom and the loneliness of the soul. The tiger on the forearm usually means the bravery and agressiveness. The lion means the king power, might, the dragon – the power of the emperor, the sacred knowledge and the seduction. The snake usually is depicted here to mean wit and sometimes cruelty. The lizard or salamander is mainly used here to show the ability to get out of different interesting and complex situations. The turtle is used to show wit, patience, and it is the symbol of diplomacy. Alligator is known to be the forearm tattoo that is usually applied by some asocial people that do not listen to anyone. The scorpion is known to be the symbol of revenge, remembering everything bad and is considered to be the symbol of people that are used to drugs. The spider is known to be the symbol of the thief that wants to gain might.

Also the artistic tattoos are known to be a very good choice for forearm tattoos. It is so because arms are really a great place to demonstrate the great body art and not only the simple black and white tattoo. Because of the fact that the sensitivity here is not too high and the area is rather big for the tattoo application, the artist can devote a great deal of time to the forearm tattoo application process to create a real full-colored design that deserves to be looked at any time. Usually forearms are used to depict some scenes from Japanese or Chinese traditional pictures – there can be different scenes of battles, samurais, ornaments, animals, fish or birds. However nowadays men usually tend to use such kinds of forearm tattoos as different parts of space, space battles and even the favorite cartoon characters.

However the forearm can be beautified not only by some plot or portraits, but also can be ornamented with some picture that can be stylized or even copied fro the modern traditional ethnic images. Different Maya ornaments can be used. There can be also often met some Celtic forearm tattoos that usually draw attention with their complex image and the lack of ability to understand them in only one way. There can be plenty of that – Indian, Malaysian, Hawaiian and Polynesian. There are hundreds of variations.

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