Yin yang tattoos

Yin Yang tattoos

The Eastern philosophy strikes us with the ability to combine controversial things in one wise theory. Probably that is why most people, who choose the eastern motif as the design of their new tattoo remember first of all about Yin Yang. This symbol is widely known because of its deep meaning. His universality is also what makes it very popular: Yin Yang tattoo is always popular and it suits to people of any gender and age, and Eastern meanings are remaining very popular for several decades. Besides of it, Yin Yang tattoo design can add spirit and deepness to any meaning. Yin Yang tattoos can be mixed with a lot of images successfully.

Yin Yang tattoo is always a symbol of duality, of unity of opposite things into one harmonic entity. Yin and Yang can not be separated. The symbol itself looks like a circle that consists of two parts, who are separated one from another with the help of the wavy line. The light part of the circle is Yin, black – Yang. Yin symbolizes famine beginning, cold and destructive forces, while Yang – male beginning and creating forces. These two forces are always connected and interact with each other and due to this five elements appear, from which the world consists: earth, water, air, wood and metal. It’s important to remember that these elements are different, but equal in their importance. Masculine and famine, good and evil, cold and warmth exist in the world in equal proportions. That’s why there are thoughts that each thing has its white and black sides, and the worse the things are today, the better they will be tomorrow. These forces in Yin Yang tattoo are as the two sides of one medal. They tell us that everything is changing, is moving and nothing is eternal, everything – good and bad – sometimes comes to an end to clear the path to something new. Such Yin Yang tattoos are teaching us to be calm and to take life as it is.

Yin Yang tattoo designs can be very different in colors and shapes. Also here everything depends on your imagination. Symbol Yin Yang and Yin Yang tattoo therefore is considered to be a great protection, that is designed to help you to understand the world much better and to remember every time that everything has its other side.

So Yin Yang tattoos can be named as one of the most popular tattoo designs that are used in tattoo world. However, the sign Ying Yang exists not one century. The first Yin Yang sign can be found in ancient Chinese mythology. So it is an ancient symbol, that nowadays can be met practically everywhere. The only thing is that not everybody knows what it actually means.

The interesting things are the dots in the Yin Yang sign – black on white and white on black. They remind us that there is no absolute Yin and absolute Yang in the world, that every person and everything in the world is a contradiction. Human body is a good example in this case. In male body there are some female hormones, while in woman body there are some male hormones.

Yin Yang tattoos are very popular nowadays and the specialists really think that having such tattoo on himself, the person easily deals with his problems, gains harmony and inner strength and balance, that helps him throughout all his life, and also allows to strengthen spirit and to solve every contradiction in human soul.

Another meaning of Yin Yang tattoo is the longing of the man to be happy, despite of presence or absence of problems in his life. White stripe or Black stripe – it is not very important if a man wants to be happy for real. It is good to hope that having chosen Yin Yang tattoo design you can get inner harmony that we all lack in our busy life.