Wrist tattoos

Wrist Tattoos

Wrist tattoos are very popular nowadays.

More and more women want to make a tattoo on the sexiest parts of their bodies and along with ankles and waists they choose wrists as the best place for it.
Moreover, wrist tattoos can express your individuality, the true you.
There are a lot of great tattoo ideas that can be brought into reality on your wrists.
According to the exact location, all the wrist tattoos can be divided into several groups:

Bracelet tattoos.

Bracelet tattoos that look like real bracelets that you wear around your wrists are very popular in the tattoo world. This bracelet can be made of flowers, dolphins or grape vines. Besides, the tribal tattoos are often used as the design for the wrist tattoo.
Tattoos on the inside/outside part of your wrist.
Ribbon tattoos, fairies, Chinese or Japanese hieroglyphs are often inked on the inside part of the wrist.
Also, instead of making your tattoo around the wrist you can make it on the inside or outside part of the forearm. These tattoos are usually of a small size.

Big wrist tattoos.

Big size wrist tattoos are more expensive but at the same time they allow you to create a picture on your body. These tattoos usually start on your wrist and then go up to the forearm. One of the most popular sketches for such men’s tattoos is the tongues of the flame spreading all over from the wrist up to the forearm.
If you want to make your tattoo sexier, you can use the image of koi fish or the lotus flower which also can start on the wrist and spread up to the elbow.

Theme wrist tattoos.

Take your time and think what do you want to say with your tattoo? For example, you can express your love through the image of flowers or a red heart or, vice versa, you can choose some tribal ornament or tongues of fire. The only thing you should know is what you want to say with your tattoo and what can be the symbols of your idea.
Besides pictures, you can also utilize different words for your tattoo - something short but meaningful like «Love», «Breath» or «Freedom». To make a tattoo of the name of your beloved one or a date that means something to you can also be a nice idea.

One of the advantages of the wrist tattoo is that you can use both of your hands for a one tattoo.
For example, on the one hand you can tattoo the word «Love», while on the other – «Hatred».
Or you can choose a phrase that will start on the one wrist and end on another.

Here you can find lots of wrist tattoo pictures.

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