White ink tattoos

White ink tattoos

If you decided to make yourself white ink tattoo you must understand and take into account the fact, that the picture you apply, its style and color will follow you for many years to come. It is necessary to think a lot before you do something to your skin and only after that to take a decision on place, color, meaning and style of your tattoo. Who knows maybe you will choose one of white ink tattoo designs.

White ink tattoo designs continue to remain one of the most modern trends in the tattoo art. Their completion and application is not very different from usual, traditional tattoos – actually they are using the same technology and the way of application. The main difference of white ink tattoo is that white pigment is used when applying a tattoo. Despite of the fact, that many people still like original black, classic or vivid tattoos, some people, especially those, who do not want to attract a lot of attention to vivid and picturesque ornaments on their skin and to themselves, prefer to use white ink tattoos.

White ink tattoos, as a new trend in the tattoo world, is currently widespread all over the world and quickly became very popular, as a popular song. They are the most popular among people living in big cities of the United States.

Such tattoos can be seen on males and females and on different body parts such as shoulders, chest, arms or legs, neck, waist. To tell the truth, they are almost no different from regular tattoos and can be easily applied to all the places on your body. As for white ink tattoo design itself, that is applied to the chosen body part – usually small pictures, inscriptions can be used, and sometimes both. But there is some peculiarity – in case a person decides to apply a white ink tattoo the tattoos with sharp edges are used. Sharp edges do not allow tattoo to be not distinctive on the skin. Sharp white ornaments and inscriptions look very good. For the white ink tattoo design containing some inscription it is very important to choose suitable font and line thickness for the white ink tattoo to remain distinctive for a long time.

Of course white ink tattoos, as you can understand, are better visible on the dark skin. That’s why if your skin is very pale there’s a big chance that your tattoo will not nave needed contrast and will be hardly visible. In this case white ink tattoo designs are not very useful. It may be better for you to use some more vivid and lively tattoo color. Mind that light yellow, pink and blue colors are very popular as well.

The main advantage of the white tattoo is that it is not striking and can remain relatively unnoticed that is why it became popular who didn’t want to show off their tattoos. Its main disadvantage is that it is the only kind of tattoo, in which the ink is lighter than the skin and with the time flow such tattoo can get yellow color – so as you can understand it’s the real color of the skin that gets into your white ink tattoo. According to this it is necessary to know and to understand how your white ink tattoo will look like after several years. Usually you can discuss it with any tattoo artist who knows how to do white tattoo ink. It is very important because people who do not know such details always end up in changing their tattoos and the process may not be easy and cheap.

So as we can see, white ink tattoos are rather popular now because they allow the tattoo to be relatively unnoticed, and are a better option for people with dark skin. Most modern and respectable tattoo shops offer different white ink tattoo designs so that you will be able to suit your needs.

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