Vine tattoos

Vine tattoos

Vine tattoos are very popular because different compositions can be used to create vine tattoo designs. Depending on what is depicted on the tattoo – vine itself or a composition of vine and serpents or other animals, it can have different meanings. The sort of the vine also can influence the meaning of the vine tattoos.

Upon the whole vine often is the symbol of development and harmony. Many meanings come out of Jewish-Christian traditions, where vine was usually depicted as the symbol of peace and fertility.

Vine also has religious meaning. It is the symbol of fertility and life. In Greek mythology vine is the symbol of Dionis, the god of wine-making.

There are also other different kinds of vine, for example ivy and holly.

Vine tattoos representing ivy is used as a symbol of ancient holidays as the symbol of Bacchus (the same as Dionis). The meanings of the ivy vine tattoos are love, friendship and immortality. Such positive associations led to the fact that Greek and Rome people were making chaplets and wearing them during the holidays. The variations of this cap are still used during weddings and other events.

Ancient Greeks considered ivy to be famine plant and connected it with fertility and birth of children.

Holly is considered to be the masculine variant of ivy. It was the symbol of Saturn, the Roman god of agriculture. Also holly vine tattoos have also the meaning of Christ. Leaves represent themselves thorns that were placed on Jesus Christs’ head before crucifixion and red berries represent his blood.

The vine tattoo with grapes or the birds eating grapes point to the church – Eucharist: people or birds eating grapes represent Christians who feed with Body and Blood of the Christ.

In Old testament vine, who was brought by Moses people from Canaan – is the symbol of the Holy Land.

According to the New Testament vine tattoos is the symbol of paradise.

Vine tattoos are symbols of fertility, life, the Tree of Life and in some traditions – Tree of Knowledge. Sometimes vine tattoos meant dying gods. Vine tattoo designs with grapes symbolizes fertility and passion and wild rose – lies and betrayal. In Christianity Jesus Christ is the true vine and his followers are its branches. Also vine tattoo designs can symbolize church and its followers. Vine depicted as the Tree of Life with pigeons resting on its branches, symbolizes souls who are resting in Christ and spiritual fertility. Vine tattoo depicted with bread ears symbolizes Eucharist. In Egypt grape vine symbolizes Osiris. In Greek and Roman tradition vine tattoos symbolizes Dionis and also is dedicated to Apollo. For Jews vine symbolizes the Israel people.

Vine motifs were wide spread  in Christian art and architecture, in Egypt they served the emblem of life.

As we can see vine tattoo designs are rather popular nowadays and probably will be popular for a long time. They can be applied with realistic colors as well as of not very real color.

Vine tattoo can be good and beautiful on your body. Vine tattoo designs grant you practically unlimited possibility of imagination. On each person vine tattoo can look rather differently. You can add a lot of different elements beginning with ivy and ending with different inscriptions. Usually such tattoos are very vivid and picturesque and will always draw attention.

Vine tattoos can be applied to any body part. Vine can go upwards or downwards, in any direction you like. Good tattoo shops always have a lot of different vine tattoo designs to offer so there is nothing difficult in choosing something that you like. Vine tattoos can add beauty and freshness to your appearance.

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