Viking tattoos

Viking tattoos

Vikings are medieval sailors that were performing sailes from Vinland to Biarmia and from Caspian Sea to the Northern Africa. Mainly they were free peasants who lived on the territory of modern Sweden, Denmark and Norway. According to their religion most of all were pagan.

The art of the tattoo is not just about applying a certain design to the body but a good way to show off and to tell others something important about yourself. Sometimes the tattoo application requires a lot of knowledge in history of some people or countries.

Viking tattoos are surely the case here – they are in this group. Viking tattoo design open the world of mysteries to us and remind us about the brave warriors and about the times where there have been a lot of unknown in the world.

Vikings are the Scandinavian people who lived on the north of Europe in rough climate. If you ask anyone about his associations regarding Vikings he will instantly tell you about their ships.

Those ships were used by Vikings for trading and wars. Vikings were not afraid of long sails and could be seen in Iceland, Greenland, Volga and Northern America. It can be Vikings that were confused with Indians by the America discoverers.

Nowadays there is a great interest to the disappeared cultures and that is why Viking tattoos are becoming more and more popular.

It is hard to tell any particular meaning in Viking tattoo designs. Viking tattoo designs are similar to warrior ones and they can be depicted as warriors. However, very often Viking tattoos can contain their famous ships that they used throughout their life. Such tattoos are called also draccar. Draccar sounds very similar to dragon and there is some sort of truth in it because it is one of the variants of the appearance of this name for Viking ships.

Draccar seems to be a Norwegian word and consists of two words – ship and dragon. It is a wooden Viking ship, long and durable enough, that can endure heavy wings and storms of rough northern seas. It is flying over the waves and that is why it is compared the dragon in which Vikings believed totally. Such draccar Viking tattoos are very popular nowadays and there is a great variety of designs, including 3D designs. Such Viking tattoos look very realistic and are real beauty on the skin.

The location of the exact Viking tattoo can be very different – for sure it is only the question of your preference. Viking tattoo designs can be applied virtually everywhere.

Actually Viking tattoo designs show such traits of character as courage, loyalty, pride, strength. However, up to this day no one exactly knows what Viking symbols mean – it is a mystery, but nevertheless many Viking symbols are extremely popular nowadays. Of course all of them have northern influence.

Vikings are very famous because they were very strong warriors, merchants, explorers and pirates. They used to colonize and raid different European areas. Their long ships were used to travel very vast distances. The fact that Vikings were very popular is also supported by the fact that the period when they existed was even called Viking age. It is a whole part of medieval history in which Europe in general, British Isles and Scandinavia are involved. Of course this shows why Viking tattoos are very popular nowadays – people always loved pirates, brave warriors.

Experienced tattoo artists always have something to offer as Viking tattoo designs. Viking tattoos can be of different colors, but as soon as such tattoos depict a distant era of our planet history, they are depicted with dark colors. The decision is up to you and respectable shops are there to help you.

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