Stomach tattoos

Stomach tattoos

In the modern world, if we do not take into account prison, tattoo is always made for beauty. Tattoos are applied to different body parts – arms, back, stomach, ankles and so on. Stomach tattoos are very popular choices among women, most of them apply tattoos to this body part.

Tattoo – it the most popular art that emerged in ancient times. Using special natural colors the pictures on body were made. In ancient times such pictures were mostly sacral. Tattoos protected their masters from evil spirits, made enemies tremble, revealed the tribal position, and was just the way to express beauty.

Before applying stomach tattoo you need to think about several things. Think about what will happen if your body will change with the flow of time. If you get pregnant or just get additional weight, your tattoo can become unrecognizable even for yourself. Before its application to stomach ask yourself if you plan to have children and think if you are able to hold the weight in stable state.

Extra weight and pregnancy often leaves marks on stomach. These awful white marks can spoil any tattoo. It can be repaired of course, but the success of the reparation will depend on the depth of the damage after appearance of the marks.

Marks are often much lighter than the color of your skin, even pure white. Also think about pregnancy – none tattoo shop will agree to apply tattoo if you are currently pregnant, not to harm your baby. When applying the stomach tattoo, the risk of infection may be high.

If you are positive with making a stomach tattoo and begin to act, you must think about several things. First of all make sure that you have decided to make tattoo on stomach and it is the dream of your life. Then bother yourself to find the good authorized tattoo shop with licensed tattoo artist. If the situation is ideal he will have also medical equipment and not only equipment for tattoo application. Then you must choose the design of tattoo. Stomach tattoos can be rather big, so you won’t be limited with size and design. But mind that on women stomach small tattoos look the best, such as stars, swallows and other birds, butterflies, flowers and hearts.

Be careful with the choice of exact position of stomach tattoo position. Mind that the loss or gaining of weight can damage your stomach tattoo. Do not ever forget that the stomach tattoo designs can be easily deformed. If you choose the complex stomach tattoo design and want to apply it, mind that your tattoo may change with the time passing. In certain parts of stomach with age additional fat may be accumulated, or the skin may loosen because of the loss of the muscle weight.

Also you have to think about pain. Stomach is situated right below the chest and proves to be the most sensitive body part in terms of pain. It almost does not contain hard surfaces to hold the skin from going deeper, that’s why the procedure of stomach tattoo application is not very comfortable. Let the tattoo artist apply the tattoo not at once, but with breaks. If you need additional break, ask for it, if you are not comfortable with the pain you are feeling.

License and instruction on the safe tattoo applications are not the only requirements for good tattoo artists. He will also need to have special devices for sterilization of the devices. Pay attention to its presence.

The tattoo artist got to have gloves, ink and sterilized needles (packed) and all needed devices.

Stomach tattoo is a great form of art, but think one thousand times before applying it to this body part, because removing it from there may be a tricky thing.

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