Star tattoos

The Stars Tattoo

These "simple" five-pointed star tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, especially among girls. Rarely these tattoo's contain a single star and mostly have a scattered or clustered pattern using various different sizes, however, the stars are rarely seen being used to represent constellations. Popular spots on the body include the arms, legs, belly, chest and back regions, but can also be found on some bodies around the face, behind the ear and anywhere else the wearer decides to have them placed. This trend seems to be most popular in the Western countries and is slowly becoming popular here in Russia.

     The most common form of star shaped tattoos seem to represent the "Barbie-Style" and are often seen as symbols of an easy life filled with positive emotions and beauty with no room for serious problems and deep negative feelings. It can also symbolize a person who lives "hand to mouth" and spends most of their time creating their own style. Star Tattoos can also be associated with glamour and life-styles touted by Hollywood actors, pop stars and bands, etc, and are often seen worn by celebrities. Most people see the star-shaped tattoo as a sign of "coolness" or a signature of the "golden youth" and "club-goers". These associations, however, have only come up recently and don't cover the much larger depths of understanding and meaning behind the star-shaped tattoos.

There are several different variations of these tattoos, each having their own meaning through the different uses of the star. Simply put, star tattoos can mean a variety of different things for the person wearing them ranging from a desire to reach higher goals, a desire for change, or a simple infatuation for stars and space.

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