Small tattoos

Small tattoos

Small tattoos are often chosen by girls. Such small tattoo designs can be applied in the intimacy area, on chest, on the back part of the head, on the wrist, on fingers – on those body parts where they will not be too attractive. Most people are applying small tattoos for themselves and include great meaning – they can be made for memorizing some important event. The meaning of the small tattoo designs can be different – it can be a date, name, some important picture, zodiac sign. Some people make small tattoos because big ones will draw a lot of attention and they usually choose the small tattoo design not taking into account any important event of person – they just choose the picture. There are males that apply small tattoos. In their case small tattoos always  bear some meaning. They can apply small tattoo designs representing zodiac signs and do it on fingers or hands. It can be someone’s name, on hand again. Small tattoo designs also can represent blood group or the year of military service. For men small tattoos are always important. Even if the tattoo is small and not notable to others it is always good to know what exactly you want to depict not to be disappointed later. Choose your small tattoo design wisely.

As it was said small tattoos are very popular with women in modern world. Usually the desire to make more beautiful body strikes the girls suddenly after seeing some examples. Many girls choose small tattoo designs.

It is important to know several things about small tattoos. In several years such tattoo will result in spot and it doesn’t matter how professionally and great it was applied – the properties of human skin are staying the same, as you can understand. Also the constant use of some gels, going to the pool are influencing the quality of tattoos. Also in several years you will understand your mistake with size and will want to make the tattoo bigger – that is the common mistake.

Good tattoo artists always begin to argue with their clients because of the size of tattoo – good tattoo artist will never apply small tattoo because he knows that it will be spoiled after some time. He will better do bigger one for the same amount of money. You have to understand that tattoo artist does not need bad quality tattoos in his portfolio.

We hope that now you understand advantages and disadvantages of small tattoos and will not make a haste decision.

If you are still positive about applying the small tattoo and want it to be distinctive after some time passes you have to know several things. Choose simple images that lack many thin lines. Simple geometric figures such as squares, stars and so on, will be great for this. Do not choose such body parts as knees, elbows, chest and several others – even big tattoos are not very long-lasting there, not to speak about small tattoos.

The most good body parts for small tattoos are neck, wrist – such small body parts. However small tattoos are ones that are the most popular. They are usually applied on any body part. It is a good way to demonstrate your unique traits and give elegance and originality of the chosen body part and increase  the appealing to other people. Small tattoo also can be easily hidden from others.

According to all abovementioned let us make the conclusion. You should always consult with you tattoo artist and he will be always able to determine the optimum size of your small tattoo design on the body part you want. Apply the small tattoo thinking not only of your desire, but think about it. Look not only at the size and beauty, but also at the quality of the tattoo. The variety of small tattoos that you can find will help you to make the decision.