Sleeve tattoos

Sleeve tattoos

Sleеve tattoos represent image that is occupying big area of hands from wrist to neck and shoulders. It is the most long variant. There are sleeve tattoos that are smaller – one quarter of the hand can be occupied by the picture from shoulder to elbow, not coming up to it. The most popularity sleeve tattoos got among the representatives of alternative music, rap and rock cultures. Original ornament that spreads throughout the arm looks really exclusive and demonstrate the professional qualities of the tattoo artist and also the extraordinary personality of the applicant. So what is the most popular place for tattoo? Of course it is arm. Tattoo on arm can be represented by a small heart, but some people choose to cover the whole arm with tattoo. It is like clothing and serves as a part of clothes for a personality. The most devoted followers of tattoo art and those who value tattoos and are not afraid to apply them often choose sleeve tattoos.

Mind that a full sleeve tattoo design cannot be finished in one application. Usually years are required, as well as the careful planning of all the hand coverage. People who make sleeve tattoos usually have a lot to say to others.

Sleeve tattoos are the concept, philosophy and even science, if you want. To create such work often can be needed a lot of times and months of time. But the end result is worth it – male sleeve tattoos are not only vivid and effective – they become the way to express individuality of their applicant.

Let us now talk about how to choose sleeve tattoo design. Sometimes the big sleeve tattoo design that is depicted on the whole arm is built around some central object and sometimes the sleeve tattoo design represents the whole concept, each element of which is chosen not suddenly. Sometimes such tattoo designs represent whole stories. Here different techniques and styles are combined, however many people prefer traditional motifs: Japan, China, realism, old-school. Some people like ornaments or tribal symbols. In composition several different elements can be included, even some inscriptions and still the tattoo will look as the united whole.

Male sleeve tattoos are used more often, however in practice there have been good examples of female tattoos.

Many of us in youth wanted to make a tattoo and there is nothing bad about it. But there is something to say about it. When you become grown up and go to parties and night clubs you may understand that it is not so cool. But if you positive with the thought that you want a tattoo, you begin thinking of what actual tattoo design to choose. You can cover your young body with tattoos and look like a prisoner and also to do this better and apply sleeve tattoo.

Sleeve tattoos became popular not so long ago but are well recognized among youngsters. Such tattoo represents regular tattoo designs with one big or several combined tattoos. Everyone will like your new tattoo.

Sleeve tattoos are popular among males and females. There is a great variety of tattoos that can be applied to arms. It can be not only small tattoos – on arms are usually applied the images of big sizes. Such sleeve tattoos can be divided to the following categories according to its length:

  1. Long sleeve consists of the tattoo that begins from shoulder and goes to the wrist. Sleeve tattoo can represent the whole image and consist of several tattoos that are combined in one image.
  2. Sleeve of one quarter is covering the area from shoulder to the area just above the elbow
  3. The tattoo of half a sleeve can be situated in the upper or lower part of the arm.

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