Skin scarification tattoos

Skin scarification

In this article we will talk about the skin scarification and its differences from tattoos and piercing. First of all let us explain what is tattoo and what is piercing, and after that we will compare.

It is not know who applied tattoo for the first time. According to one version it was brought to
Europe by the famous sailor James Cook, who got the idea from Tahiti. Probably from here the name was born – “ta” means image and “atoo” means spirit. It was always considered that the tattoos helped a lot in protection from evil spirits. Also tattoo was designed to bring fear to the enemy and to serve a symbol of the tribe and social position of the person. In 20s the fashion for tattoo came to the USA. Russia is not very new to this art as well. Even big people applied them. For example, Nikolay II mad the tattoo while he was in Japan and made it on the soulder in the shape of winged dragon. In Russia the peak of popularity for tattoos was in the middle of 80s.

Tattoo can be made practically everywhere. To apply the tattoo special equipment is used. With this equipment the needle with pigment is inserted under the skin with small piercing movements to the depth of several millimeters. The picture can be invented by yourself or chosen in the portfolio of local tattoo artist.

The second popular trend for making your body more beautiful after tattoo is piercing. Piercing was born many years ago and is believed to be the custom of Ancient India. The classic revealing of piercing is ear piercing. There are different body parts that can be pierced: eyebrow, nose, lip, tongue, nipple and so on.

Now let us talk about skin scarification. Skin scarification is relatively new thing for us. Skin scarification is actually making the artistic scars on the skin. The damage to the skin is done with medical scalpel or razor blade. To get a blurred scar acetic acid is applied to the carving. The scar on the skin can be applied on any body part in the shape of different figures, letters, ornaments – it all depends on the client fantasy. Although the peak of popularity for making the skin beautiful has already passed, tattoo shops never stay without work and without clients that want to transform themselves using such way.

So, if you decided to make yourself tattoo, piercing and especially skin scarification, it can be made in specialized tattoo shops and not in illegal places or with the help of your friends. You must clearly see that the shop you are dealing with has proper license for such kinds of procedures that involve damage to skin and also the proper certificate for the pigment they are using. Mind that tattoos, piercing and scarification may be applied to risk group for Aids, syphilis and other diseases. So you must be careful and thinking about safety precautions.

Also mind that with scarification you will get some negative changes in your appearance. It is also rather risky because the healing may be bad, the wound may decay and you can get different diseases. The infection during scarification can come to the organism when needles are used several times, the instrument that is used is not aseptic or the artist is used to test the equipment on himself right before using. The safety during scarification is meant by using one-time instruments, gloves and special containers for pigments. Electronic devices must be disinfected properly after every application and be drawn in the presence of the client with hands in one-time gloves. Remember, that your health is in your hands. After the procedure you must pass tests for different infections – only then you can be sure that skin scarification went good and without different consequences.