Skin rip tattoos

Skin Rip Tattoos

After the development of tattoo and going away from classic old-school traditions and appearance of more high quality devices that  allow to create more complex shadows and colorful compositions in tattoos appeared new tendencies. One of such tendencies appear to be skin rip tattoos. The main idea of skin rip tattoos is the unity of live and mechanical organisms, that became revealing and reveals at the first place in tattoos that depict mechanical parts on human body that are looking as freeing from the skin. Mechanical arms, classically skin rip tattoos with visible moving parts is the most wide-spread  realization of the skin rip tattoo designs.

Skin rip tattoos saw the new way because of one of the main inspirers – Hans Rudolf Giger.

This Swiss artist became practically the idol of musicians and cyberpanks and the certain circles of tattoo artists, who decided to specialize on tattoos that were made according to the motifs of his work. With Gieger skin rip tattoos got not only actually the ripped skin, but also images and thoughtfulness, the style develops positively because of his influence.

Skin rip tattoos are compositionally beautiful, rhythmic, contain organic lines, common wires and so on, and this all gives the ground for real masterpieces in tattoo.

Skin rip tattoos are often done in one color but sometimes the elements of different colors.

Organic and steampunk styles are also widely used in skin rip tattoo designs.

Organics is very close to biomechanical tattoos and represent flowers, butterflies – everything of organic origin combined with ripped skin.

In the basis of the organic style we can see harmonic elements close to natural, good lines, rhythm in the picture elements, that we can see in biomechanics – all the abovementioned makes these two styles similar at first glance. But organic skin rip tattoos have more emotional colors – it does not contain evident mechanical parts, wires, metal – it is merged with the ripped skin and creates abstract composition by building the stylish images.

In terms of color organics is winning against the biomechanical monochrome colors – vivid colors, acid for example, allow different experiments in color.

Steam punk skin rip tattoos, according to their names, is based on images that contain fantastic style that are connected with steam mechanisms.

The term steampunk was invented in 1987 by the writer Kevin Jeter and from the very beginning is the parody on cyberpank. Most of such skin rip tattoos are characterized to some extent very evident and even rude because of using steam engines, pipes and different other elements.

These skin rip tattoo designs were developed by cinema and pictures.

Usually there is no actual meaning of such tattoos – mostly they are used to depict technology breakthrough and so on. The skin rip tattoo designs are various and multiple. They can be applied practically everywhere, but the best choices are shoulders, chest, ribs and back. Also, if we speak about some extravagant and extraordinary masterpieces, such skin rip tattoo designs can be depicted on the bald head. It looks great and interesting, but may be a little scary.

Every respectable tattoo shop and tattoo artist have a lot to offer in terms of skin rip tattoo designs. Probably, you will be even able to find or create your own thing to resemble you something and bear different meaning than just simply technology process. Skin rip tattoos are rather popular among different age groups.

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