Shoulder tattoos

Shoulder tattoos

Thousands of years ago the shoulder tattoos were used to symbolize the belonging of their masters to the certain tribe and were used to express the social position.

Today shoulder is one of the most popular place for application of different tattoos among men and among women. They have a lot of advantages. One of such advantages can be the fact, that they do not deform on sunlight and the ability to hide the shoulder tattoo under clothing. The lines of the shoulder are very sharp, so shoulder tattoo designs can be really great, vivid and appealing.

If we speak about male shoulder tattoos, there are a lot of popular designs – dragons, tribal tattoos. Also you can see zodiacal tattoos. For example dragon shoulder tattoo symbolizes power. Shoulder tattoo designs representing stars mean luck. Such shoulder tattoos also are widespread among girls. If we speak about tiger shoulder tattoo, this means rage and power. Such tattoos are very popular nowadays because they are considered neat and beautiful enough.

If you seek the ideal place for you next tattoo you can consider to make the shoulder tattoo, because nowadays it is one of the most popular places for tattoo application.

All people have different opinion, some consider that shoulder begins just above elbow, but it is more correct to call such tattoos the arm tattoos. Some consider the shoulder to begin on the back.

Actually shoulder tattoos are placed where the arm performs its transition to the body. There are three bones, that represent the shoulder and the shoulder joint, different ankles and ligaments.

Shoulder tattoo designs are very popular with men and women. Shoulder is not a very visible place, but during summer, when it is rather hot, shoulders are mainly bare, so it is natural that people want to make them beautiful. Shoulder tattoos can be very different by design – from a rather small tattoos to very huge with coming to the part of the back.

Several good shoulder tattoo designs can be applied. Sea designs look especially good, like anchors, swallows, sea stars – they are the most popular in shoulder tattoo arts. Shoulder is also considered a very good place to commemorate someone. Often the portray of the dead relative is depicted on shoulder, or something connected with him, like date of death. Women usually use shoulder tattoo designs such as flowers, hieroglyphs, heaven darkness and even more exotic pictures. Shoulders are often closed from glances, that’s why many people feel free to experiment with them.

Shoulder is a very movable place, so you must be very careful for the shoulder not to be disturbed while the wounds are healing. Mind that you have to follow all the instructions of the tattoo shop and buy all the ingredients you need to heal much faster. This kind of tattoo can bring quite a pain as during healing process and so in the process of tattoo application. This happens because shoulders have got almost no fat in their area and a lot of muscles. After application of the shoulder tattoo be ready to sleep on your side or even stomach for several days after application. Also if you like to go out without clothing upstairs, make sure to take a sun care lotion with you to prevent your tattoo from permanently changing its beauty and color.

Despite all inconveniences one can underline that shoulder tattoos are worth applying because of their beauty. Experienced tattoo artists can offer a lot of shoulder tattoo designs and you will be able to find the one you fall in love with. What really is important – make sure you have chosen the correct size, place and design.

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