Scorpion tattoos

Scorpion tattoos

The image of a scorpion is the most popular symbol that is used for  tattoos all over the world. The cult of this dangerous insect exists almost everywhere in its habitats (Africa, Middle East, South Asia)  and a great number of scorpion tattoos on people bodies are striking demonstration of this. Usually scorpion tattoos are regarded as powerful amulets and talismans that  protect  people against evil spirits, because  anyone who  faces  scorpions will fear and respect them. That is the great power of scorpions.

 The sign of scorpion combined several controversial symbols, that embodied in its threatening stinging tail, which is the dangerous attack and protection weapon, and has very strong energy.

The attitude to scorpions among the Christians in Europe is negative, as they regarded this insects as a symbol of evil, torture, treachery, death, danger, pain, lust, hatred, envy, punishment, retribution and vindictiveness, poison.
 But there are legends where scorpions have positive qualities. Thus,  some nations believe that these insects are divine messengers, which fulfilling God’s will, protectors of ways to  the  other world and graves.
Central and South American Indians revered the scorpion, as a symbol of the Mother Goddess who accepted souls of dead persons at the end of the Milky Way. For ancient Egyptians the scorpion was a protecting talisman, an  attribute of Patroness of death.  Africans considered the scorpion both  a killer and a healer that can save from its own sting.

The scorpion often symbolizes self-sacrifice (as it can sting itself).
 In Japan the scorpion personifies wisdom, and in combination with flowers  - love and long married life.
 The ancient Jews regarded the scorpion as a symbol of the sun. According to legends, there were men-scorpions who protected sunrise, enlightenment and joy.
 Nowadays scorpion tattoos  symbolize:

  • transition period and  transformation;
  • endurance;
  • death;
  • excitation, passion and control;
  • loneliness and treachery;
  • protection and defense.

Through the scorpion tattoo person wants to inform others  about his or her  loneliness and  state of  protection and isolation. Also such tattoo can indicate sudden, but unrequited love that is doomed to long loneliness.
 The Russian soldiers, who have been in hot spots of North Caucasus, also tattoo the scorpion with the raised sting that means their participation in combat operations. This tattoo also means to fight to the bitter end and never surrender. Scorpion with opened claws is typical image for military tattoo as well.

 Sometimes even girls use scorpion tattoos to warn about their strength, in spite of  seeming weakness. Thus instead of sting they depicted explosion of a bomb or a fist.
Of course scorpion tattoos are typical for people born under the Scorpio zodiac sign (from October, 24th to  November, 22nd). These Scorpion individuals are known for high emotions and feelings, sensuality, perversity, intuition, sexual thrust, loyalty and devotion, nobility, persistence and the self-confidence.
Usually  scorpion tattoos are depicted in realistic style, but Celtic and tribal styles are also widespread. The main body parts for applying scorpion tattoos are shoulder-blades, back, hips, thigh, neck, shoulders, back of the hand and wrist.

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