Rose tattoos

Rose tattoos

For today flower tattoos are among the most popular. And of course the queen among them is the rose – the symbol of beauty and love. Rose can have different forms and kinds, and its color is not limited. Also you must take into account that the vivacity, size and complexity highly influence the meaning of the rose tattoo designs. Probably it is because of this, that men apply rose tattoos to their bodies as often, as women do.


Being the example for beauty rose served as muse for many artists, poets, musicians and even saints. It is not strange that the appearance of the Greek goddess, that symbolizes the same love  and beauty, Aphrodite, was depicted as the appearance of the rose from the see, and one of the names of  Maria was the “Mystical rose” – because of rosary that was created from roses. Half-open flower was the prototype of Holy Graal, that preserves, as it is known, the elixir of eternal life, and its petals were put to the tombs of dead in the day of Rosary. It gave the open rose the symbolism of death, however in some burying rituals it means eternal memory and life.

Depending on your position in the world rose tattoo can be explained differently. For example Egyptians devoted this flower to Isis, the goddess of maternity and true famine. In Italy rose became the sign of prosperity and spring. Chinese rose tattoo designs represent such qualities as prosperity and good things connected with bad things, and Japanese rose tattoos mean tenderness, power and honor.

Greece gave rose tattoo the meaning of mystery and the West equaled it to the Eastern Lotus. In Russia this queen of all flowers is considered to be the flower from paradise because of its great odor and the perfectness of its lines. Also rose tattoos representing thorns can be the symbol of martyrs.

This all can be applied also to the color of this flower. Red rose tattoo symbolizes passion, beauty and lust, wine red rose tattoo designs speak about the soul harmony of the applicant, golden (the official mascot of Roman Pope) – talks about perfectness, inner and outer. White rose tattoos, as it is known, are the symbols of purity and innocence and in combination with red – the unity of water and fire, representing the unity of contradictions. Black rose tattoo designs speak about death, sorrow, blue one symbolizes the love for dreaming. Orange color means energy and lilac – the magical beginning of the applicant.

Yellow rose tattoo design, as opposite to the meaning of the flower, symbolizes joy. Pink flower reveals thankfulness and pale-pink – friendship or even sympathy. Those who apply blue rose deny everything ordinary and they can be described as vivid individualities and the crushers of all regular things.

The big role in the meaning of the rose tattoo design plays the actual composition. If we speak about the flower itself, we can say that leaves symbolize joy, flower – glory and thorns symbolize sorrow. But it is not rare that the flower can be combined by other pictures, crosses, angels, vine etc. Thus combined knife, woman head and roses are the symbols of the oath of revenge and the roses in hands are the sign that the woman spent her 18th birthday in prison.

Another meaning of the rose tattoo is Yin and Yan, as the unity of the masculine and feminine beginnings. It is not that strange that combined dark and light roses without thorns are depicted as the Chinese symbol of harmony.

Rose tattoo designs are very different and are very popular so you will find the one that you will like the most. But of course, mind the actual meaning of the tattoo.

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