Praying hands tattoos

Praying Hands tattoos

Here you will see some examples of praying hands tattoo design. One of the most popular praying hands tattoo designs seems to be made by the picture of Albrecht Durer. The first version of this picture was depicting the head of Frankfurt, when he was in the process of praying. After that another Durer picture appeared. He depicted the apostle there, who stood near the empty grave and watched the process of Holy Mary coronation, that took place in heaven. For today praying hands tattoo is he most popular one. Despite of the fact that it existed for a long time, it still worries the minds and the hearts of people. Praying hands tattoo designs can represent hands themselves or hands with some additions. For example, cross, rosary and many other different things. Very often we can see the names of lovers or hearts combined with praying hands in praying hands tattoo designs. Such tattoos can be applied in the memory of someone.

If we speak about the western culture it can be striking how often the tattoo with depicted praying hands is used there. In Russia, however, praying hands tattoos are not that popular and is rarely chosen. Such tattoo is without a doubt religious and Christian. It can be conditionally equaled to the candles in the temples. It is the amulet that is designed to constantly give a prayer about the things that are the most important. Praying hands tattoos allows to include different meanings, the most important desires and the strongest passions in it.

Praying hands tattoo is a good choice for a believing Christian who wants to apply a simple tattoo but with a deep religious meaning. The hands are held this way during the prayer. The prayer is the way of conversation between the god and the human. During the prayer the person speaks to god, asks him for help, for health of his relatives and friends. Anyways, this conversation must be sincere and private. And very often during the prayers people draw the hands together.

It’s interesting that before the 15th century praying hands could not be seen on the picture, icon or other thing of art. This sign, as it was said earlier, was first depicted on the picture of Albrecht Durer. He was from a big family. Together with his brother he wanted to learn arts in Nuremberg but because of the lack of money they had to study only partly. First studied Albrecht and Albert was earning money to pay for his education, working in the mine. And after that Albrecht was to help Albert with his study. At that time he was already the experienced artist. One day he saw how his brother prays for him and this image touched him greatly. Lately he drew the portrait of his brother with praying hands. From that time this symbol is widely used in the art. It symbolizes not only the prayer, but the love to the one who is close to you and the readiness for sacrifice in favor of someone. Also praying hands tattoos can be applied to commemorate some person who you liked very much, but lost. Pairs love to apply different praying hands tattoo designs right before or after the wedding. Thus they reveal their devotedness to each other and the longing to be together until death separates them.

Speaking about the color it can be said that usually such tattoos are two-colored, and one of these colors is black. As it was said earlier there can be a lot of elements combined with praying hands in the praying hands tattoo design. Often we can see such elements as rosaries, crosses, names of lovers and many more. Therefore praying hands tattoos can be considered more personal than any other tattoos. The variety of praying tattoo designs is striking.