Panther tattoos

Panther tattoos

The meaning of the panther tattoos are the following – viciousness, rage, aggressiveness, might, quickness and endurance. Panther also is present in religions and art of many civilizations that existed even before Christopher Columbus.

Panther is considered to be the most ancient and powerful totem. Among many people it was very important, that panther can be of two kinds – yellow and black. Such people believed that the black panther is the symbol of the moon and night sky and yellow panther symbolizes sun and light. Ancient people believed that panther can transform into other creatures.

The image of panther for a long time of existence with different people gained relatively similar meanings and attitude towards it.

So, today the meaning of the panther tattoo design is considered with the following symbols and qualities – bravery and might, power and leadership, love to the family and the protection of it, viciousness and courage, wit and stubbornness, love for the life and freedom from any limits, quickness and rebirth.

Panther combines good fighting skills and maternity tenderness in itself.

Crawling panther in the art of tattoo has a peculiar meaning. It symbolizes the quickness of our non-long-lasting existence and points that our life can be ended in any time with the strike of the vicious panther. Such panther tattoo design serves as a constant reminder of the future death and makes its applicant think about the meaning and the outcome of his own existence.

If the panther tattoo design is represented in jump, it often means aggression, rebellious might and outstanding magical skills. For women the meaning of the panther tattoo can be revealed in unpredictable tenderness, vicious beauty and the fearless love for her family, the maternity instinct of the panther strikes with devotedness and sacrifice.

From the ancient times two types of panthers are known: black and yellow (leopard or jaguar). Thus yellow panther was connected with daylight, the sun, and black panther symbolized the forces of night and the moon. Leopard also symbolizes might and social order and in the same time is considered as a remorseless killer. It aroused people admiration and fear for several centuries.

In ancient China people feared panther and considered it to be vicious animal. However among some Asian and European people it was considered the only fearless guardian from the dragons. The Maya tribe honored jaguars, chiefs and shamans wore their skins, the jaguar word could be often seen in names. For Maya this animal symbolized something extraordinary, paranormal, shamans considered it to be a bridge from conscious state to unconscious state. Panther for them was considered to be more of a wise strategist, then the fearless fighter.

In ancient African states leopards were honored as well and they were protected as sacred animals. There usually were several of them in the palaces of rulers and just rich people, who used them as domestic animals. Among Pigmies god Thor was honored and he was depicted with the leopard skin. This animal was the attribute of the Greek god of winery – Dionis, and the skin of the panther became the symbol of Ancient Egypt sorcerers. Sometimes panthers were connected with spiritual world and the world of the dead.

Among some people panther represented the image of the independent, sensual and gracious woman. In Christianity it is sometimes considered the symbol of sin and bears such trait as betrayal.

Panther tattoos always attracted attention because of their puzzles and variety and inspired love and hate, rage and nobility, life and death.

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