Military tattoos

Military tattoos

This category of tattoos combine tattoos that are relevant to those people who passed the severe school of military education. It, in comparison to the prison tattoos, means the social status of its bearer in the terms of military and shows his relevance to the certain military department. In military society military tattoo designs are only allowed to be worn by experienced soldiers – beginner do not have the right to apply such tattoos. The longing for military tattoo application can be explained by the fear of death, and are made for protection and also because of the fear of not being able to be recognized after death.

In some cases tattoos were forbidden for some soldiers, for example for scouts, not to be able to recognized or to the soldiers in Vietnam because of the fear of blood pollution. Sometimes the situation is vice versa – the military tattoo representing the blood group, situated somewhere on the chest, could save life for many soldiers that were in Afghanistan.

Military tattoos are the ones of not many tattoos that contain great and real meaning that is almost always vital. Military tattoos are made by soldiers in the end of their service period as the reminder of the years of service, revealing of love to their country and the ability to show off in front of all other society.

Lately the military tattoos of the officers are often connected with the negative effect of the fact that every year the culture level of young soldiers is worse and worse and viciousness and crime level in society is increasing.  

Military tattoos begin their history from the 18th century. Then Peter I demanded strict identification of all recruits that were on active service. Throughout the next wars the application of such signs was present among the people of groups with high risk. The main purpose of such military tattoo designs was to be able to recognize soldiers in case of their death or wounds.

In our days the meaning of military tattoos is not different – they remained the symbols of  taking part in the military brotherhood. Depending on the place of military department the military tattoos can have difference. Thus the scorpion military tattoos are telling about the military service in the northern Caucasian and the sting looking upwards – the taking part in the war.

The military tattoos of the special forces can comprise the guns, beret and other different things. Some people prefer to place the name of the military part. Border troops usually depict the border post or the symbols of connection with the military profession  - anchor, flag, ship, parachute, helicopter. There can be military tattoos with emblems and names of departments.

The mariners military tattoos are considered miscellaneous in terms of meaning consisting of anchors, skulls in bandana, dolphins jumping out of the water and so on. Military tattoos can be very different in their meanings, appearance and place of application – the only thing that is common for all of them is that they are always very serious and have deep and great meaning – the very important meaning for their bearers. They are important for their bearers. Experienced tattoo shops can offer a lot to their client in term of military tattoos. The designs can be various, as well as the colors and places of application, but the most usual place for military tattoos is chest or shoulders. The meanings of tattoos are various and very important for the applicants – the main purpose of such tattoos is the commemoration and honoring of the military service in some certain place or in general.

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