Memorial tattoos

Memorial tattoos

After the tragedy, that took place on the 11th of September one of the most commonly used phrases in the United States of America is “Americans will never forget this day”. National pride nowadays is more strong than ever and there are more American flags outsides in American streets, than on the independence day on the 4th of July.

All the country feels a great strive to help, to do something. The loaded trucks bring humanitarian aid to New York. Many blood gallons were sacrificed all over the country. Millions of dollars are still coming to the bank accounts.

But some people seek the personal and the constant way of revealing their support. The most popular thing to do in this case is to apply personal memorial tattoo designs representing flags and memorial symbols of the tragic events. Some tattoo shops even lower the prices for these symbolic tattoos to reveal their own support.

If we go away from this very event, it can be said that modern people often apply different memorial tattoo designs. Let us try to understand why they do so. They continue the tradition of tattoo practice, that represents itself the connection with dead people – relatives or the people we love, even if it is done in non-conscious state. One can see tombs, tomb stones with the names of married people, inscriptions of the names of parents, children and friends, sunken ships on alive sailors, symbols of memory for the events, for battles on the coming home warriors. All this is the modern example of continuation of ancient practice.

People always want to commemorate something, that is why memorial tattoo designs are that popular. Tattoos are know to be the most ancient artistic form for any people that begins itself somewhere around the process of cave art. Make the stick of a needed form, that is burnt in the fire, suddenly pierce your skin with it and look – you have a new technology for the new form of the art. But the ancient man did not realize the practice of tattoo evidently as only the state of art. Because of three main factors – pain, persistence and the sacredness of life (blood) early people gave memorial tattoos mystical or magical meaning. Tattooing or bringing traumas to be paid attention to by the gods or with the aim of receiving the magical might of the totem animal – this practice was very widely spread all over the world. Memorial tattoos were used also to symbolize the time of fertility, a certain woman, perseverance of life  after death, sacredness of administration and other cultural factors.

Many people apply memorial tattoo designs to honor the birth or death of some person. Such tattoos bring joy and strength to them and also can help to bear the sorrow.

Memorial tattoos can be simple or complex. Among the most popular memorial tattoo designs we can see angels, stars, constellations, date of birth or death.

If you had something mutual with the person – music, motorbikes, nature – you can choose to apply one of the corresponding memorial tattoo designs. Some people apply the memorial tattoo in the form of the lovers’ photograph. Before doing so you must be sure that the tattoo artist you are going to visit is capable of doing this kind of job, because for sure you would want the image to look very realistic and really remind you of the person you lost.

Memorial tattoos can be also applied under the influence of something really happy or something that contains a lot of sorrow.

Often memorial tattoos are applied by soldiers who took part in the war and lost friends and relatives there. Memorial tattoos are always very serious.

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