Love tattoos

Love tattoos

Love is a strong and non-controlled feeling that everyone experiences at a given point of time. It is love that is one of the most wide-spread stimuli for creating and applying tattoos. Love tattoos because of their popularity deserved to be counted a separate kind of tattoos, that bears exactly this name – Love tattoos. However, you shouldn’t confuse them with ordinary tattoos, even if they are made as a result of the heightened spirit, and even more – erotic tattoos.

Most often love tattoos are created to prove the lover your eternal love and devotedness. In such cases the most popular love tattoo designs are the depiction of hearts, inscriptions with names and sometimes even portrays. The popular love tattoo design, that symbolizes love (especially among women), is considered to be the red rose.

Love tattoos also are able to reveal love to your friends, relatives, parents and other people you love.

Sometimes the meaning of love tattoos may be not so positive. Sometimes love tattoo designs bear such meaning as the sorrow of a loss, cheating, betrayal and broken heart. In such love tattoo designs often are present different elements, such as arrows, knives, thorns and blood.

There is also another kind of love tattoos – magical. Such love tattoos are designed to attract love. Usually such love tattoo designs represent some magical symbols, inscriptions and ornaments, that are hidden from the eyes of other people.

Love tattoos are mostly wide spread among women, probably because of the fact, that males are not so eager to reveal their emotions. Most of all in love tattoos red color dominates, and it symbolizes passion. Love tattoos are not for showing off, because they are considered something personal and hidden, that is why they are situated usually on closed body parts. But it is not at all mandatory  - the choice is personal every time.

Whatever reason is yours to apply love tattoo, think about the following – love can pass and love tattoo will stay with you forever.

So, love tattoos must not be confused with erotic ones. Love tattoos can be divided into two categories: designed to attract love, having some magical meaning, and as the sign of love and devotedness to some person. Love tattoos of the first kind are as a ritual with the help of which their bearer attracts love luck, hopes to get love of the certain person, attract him or her. Such tattoos often comprise hidden love symbols and ornaments and are hidden from the eyes of other people. Love tattoo designs of the second kind are applied to prove one’s lover the strength of feelings and to show the willingness to stay with him or her forever. It can be the name of lover or even portray. Often near the name and portray clients order some love inscriptions that are designed to show peculiar devotedness to lover. It is considered that such tattoos help to last the love forever, guard from evil spirits, and the application of love tattoo with the name of lover guarantees success in different deeds.

Tattoos have always been something more than just a mere picture on the skin. Sometimes they can tell much more, than words do. Love tattoos are this example – with them you can express your love in the unique way.

Love tattoos in the shape of the heart are the most wide-spread variant. They symbolize passion and love. Usually in such love tattoo designs red color is chosen. If love ended badly, the design of the heart can be changed, for example, add the bleeding, that will mean lost love or broken heart, symbolizing bad love.

Very often instead of heart people choose to make a tattoo with the name of the partner.