Lizard tattoos

Lizard tattoos

The tattoo with the depiction of the lizard has very ancient roots. They met in animal and floral motifs that were used by aborigines of New Zealand – ancient Maori, who considered lizards to be the symbol of the demonic force, that, however, didn’t prevent tribes from using lizard tattoos to draw away evil spirits. Upon the whole the mythology of these people characterize lizard as a monster. Lizard is similar to snake in its appearance, but the symbolism of these two images has significant differences, however in the Ancient Egypt and antique world, the depiction of the lizard was connected with wit.

Lizard has the ability to throw away its tail and then to grow it once again. This is connected with the meaning of the lizard tattoo as the symbol of rebirth and renewal. Also the lizard tattoo designs possess such meanings as wit, quickness, ability to draw away. The image of lizard is able to underline the sexuality and appealing, because lizard is the recognized symbol of sexuality.

Lizard tattoo is able to protect its bearer from the enemies, to help to advance hardships to find the strength for rebirth and the beginning of the new life period. It is interesting that Christianity from the beginning gave the lizard positive traits, but later the attitude of the religion to the image of this animal changed. Currently lizard is connected with demonic forces and devil.

Lizard tattoos can be good for business people because they will help in talks and getting desired income out of them.

Lizard in lizard tattoo designs is depicted in the shape of the letter S. The image can be realistic and stylized. This tattoo is more popular among women than among men, because for a woman a lizard tattoo is the possibility to underline her sexuality.

Often when ornamenting the body with the image of some representative of fauna, people try to have similar traits of it. But in case of lizard the situation is somewhat different.

According to one understanding, due to its quickness and the ability to throw away tail that after that grows again, it is often considered that the lizard is the symbol of renewing and resurrection. That is why the tattoo with the depiction of this animal is often applied by the people who got in bad situation and are hoping for the God to help them, or those, who want to guard themselves from this and rely on its quickness.

According to another understanding lizard tattoo design is bearing a dual meaning. In the culture of people, for example, Egyptians or Greeks, it is given the divine wit and luck. Others, as aborigine Maori, find the revelation of the demonic forces. That, however, as present on the body in the shape of image, are able to draw the evil spirits away – such monster-savior.

However lizard tattoo designs, whether considered to be a good or bad beginning, every people, therefore, gave the lizard its unique traits. For Indian tribes of the Southern America it depicted sexual appealing and fertility. And for their North American brothers the presence of lizard with given wit, was the symbol of heaven water (the rain), and therefore the increasing of fertility.

According to the folklore of the African and Melanesian people as well as the Australian aborigines, such animal is one of their ancestors and symbolizes compromise and guardian against sorrows and wars. In Japanese culture, where the tattoo covers the most part of human body, lizard can tell us about the connection of the applicant to Yakuza and about his position in it, quantity and seriousness of committed crimes and many other things.