Lip tattoos

Lip tattoos

Lip tattoos are not very popular nowadays. Generally the inner part of the lower lip is used but sometimes upper lip can be used too. These tattoos look very unusual and are peculiar. Usually people, who want to make a lip tattoo choose some word as a lip tattoo design. It may also be not only the word, but a small phrase or even small amount of numbers. This area is hidden always. Nowadays most of the people seem to think lip tattoos to be a little bit hardcore, but still, it is just another kind of tattoo.

Sometimes those who choose lip tattoos ask to place some offensive words there. It is natural, because public does not see it. So no worries about the fact that the word is not too good. Many people choose lip tattoos because it is a way too unusual – it is always cool to come to your friend and to boast one. The spot is really very unusual.

Lip tattoos can be not very good in the terms that they may not stay for a long time and can fade away. However, there is a big chance that your lip tattoo won’t act this way and will be constantly visible and distinctive from the very first application. However, in other cases you will have to visit the tattoo artist shop several times to make a lip tattoo permanent.

If we speak about the pain during the application, the results usually vary. This highly depends on pain tolerance of exact person, but most of people who choose lip tattoos report that it is not so painful as application to other body parts.

Let us now talk a little bit about after care of lip tattoos. What you need to do constantly, is wash your mouth. The need of rinse of your mouth before and after lip tattoo application is vital. That is relevant when you smoke and after meals. However, remember that you have to quit eating for several hours after lip tattoo application. In other terms lip tattoos do not require any special aftercare in comparison to all other kinds of tattoos. As in other cases, if you want to apply a lip tattoo design, you will need to find a respectable shop with licensed tattoo artists who has needed experience in dealing with such things, and you are done. You must always remember that lip tattoos are no different from other types of tattoos. However, mind, that the lines of the tattoo must not be too thin, because it will increase the possibility of fading after some time passes.

So as far as we can see the lovers of tattoo cover all their body with it and lips are not the exclusion from the list. But lip tattoos can have some disadvantages. We already talked about fading, and the reapplication of the tattoo can be very expensive. Also mind that during the application you can get a strange taste in your mouth – a mixture of your own blood and ink.

Remember, that one must be sure about having taken all the safety precautions while applying the lip tattoo. Also try to find out the allergic reactions and make sure that your body will not be allergic to the ink that tattoo artists is using.

So, what are the reasons of choosing the lip tattoo design? First of all, the main reason is that such tattoos are very personal and remain unnoticed almost always – it can be very helpful during job interviews and parties or other important events that do not encourage tattoos.

The best ideas for lip tattoo designs prove to be words, phrases, different symbols, the name of your boyfriend or girlfriend, star and many many other words, some of which as we have seen earlier, can be even offensive. Usually such tattoos last from 1 to 5 years.

Such tattoos look unusual and are hidden until you decide to reveal them. It may be extravagant, but still some people prefer it due to their advantages.

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