Leg tattoos

Leg tattoos

Leg tattoos have advantages and disadvantages. If we speak about most unusual parts for tattoos, we can always talk about legs. Of course everyone will agree, that leg tattoos are rather rare. It is not surprising because usually leg tattoo designs are applied not for everyone to watch them but for aesthetic desire of the person, on whose leg it resides.

Depending on the fantasy of the applicant and the experience of the tattoo artists the leg tattoo can have a lot of different sizes. This is also relevant to the variety of meanings. So, leg tattoos can be small (such tattoos usually are placed on hip) or very huge, involving the whole leg.

The most popular places for application of the leg tattoo is proved to be the hip. Women usually try it. As for the leg tattoo design in this case, usually butterflies, stars, flowers and even fairies are used. Even more, if the applicant has the desire, each tattoo artist can make his own impact to the old image and make it a lot more original.

The opinion that the leg tattoo is a variant only for a woman is a bad mistake. Today men do leg tattoos as well. It is worth to say, that male leg tattoos differ a lot from women tattoos. It is not surprising, because they prefer Celtic ornaments, weapons or crosses. Practically all leg tattoos in such cases are very big and masculine.

Leg tattoos have some advantages. First of all, practically every leg tattoo design looks very elegant and speaking. Also they are very practice because they can be always hidden by their master and this can be done easily. Probably that is why men and women make their choice in the favor of the leg tattoo design.

Despite of that you must still remember that leg is rather rare place for tattoo application and it can be easily explained. First of all it is so because leg tattoo application is rather painful. It can be explained the following way. In legs we have very big bones and that is why it is rather hard to apply such tattoo and the process is a lot more painful.

If we speak about advantages of female leg tattoos we can say that they underline beauty of the woman and makes her more sexual and appealing. After the tattoo artist finishes his job and you get the tattoo do not haste to show it immediately. It is much better to do it when the leg recovers and the image will look much more beautiful.

Leg tattoos can be very vivid. The most popular leg tattoo designs are proved to be inscriptions, stars and carvings. Pain is the factor, regarding which we do not see a lot of leg tattoos. If this is your first tattoo it is better to choose your shoulder as the first place for tattoo application.

Although, if you are positive with the choice of the tattoo to be positioned on the leg, you have to follow some steps to protect it while your leg is healing.

First of all you should better not wear boots or wear two pair of socks if you have to. The best time for such leg tattoo application is summer. Do not let your trousers touch the tattoo. Try to hide your leg tattoo from the sun rays. Always keep your legs clean, wash them in warm water with the help of soap. Dry them with light cloth. Do not touch the tattoo. Do not swim while the leg is still healing. It can be a good idea to take some days off during this period. Try to avoid infections. This last demand can be very hard to fulfill, especially because, as we know, legs are harder to keep clean.

The fact is that if you meet all these conditions, you can become a proud owner of a new leg tattoo, that has a lot of advantages. The most great advantage of course is that it can be easily hidden that can be very valuable if you plan to visit places where the tattoos are not encouraged.

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