Koi fish tattoos

Fish tattoos

Fish tattoos are quite popular today. First of all fish embody water element, but  they  also can be intermediaries between heaven and earth. They are associated with goddesses of the moon, maternity and childbirth, precipitancy, movement, mobility and grace.
Fish tattoos have many different meanings that often can contradict each other. For instance, fish can be a symbol of  abundance, fertility (including spiritual and creative), sexual power, wisdom, as well as scarcity, greed, indifference, nonsense.
Among  various nations and religions the sign of the fish symbolizes different qualities and has different meanings.
Africans believe that fish are embodiment of souls of the dead. In China and India these creatures are regarded as a symbol of new birth and freedom, as they are safe from  global Flood. In Christianity fish symbolize faith, purity, the Virgin Mary, baptism  and communion (in early Christianity it was a sign of Jesus Christ).
In the Middle East people believe these creatures to be a  symbol of fertility.  Iranians consider that fish positively influence people. In Buddhist countries fish symbolize enlightenment, liberation from daily desires and passions. The Chinese regard  fish as a symbol of wealth, harmony, contentment, abundance and success.
Among the Ancient Greeks and Romans fish were sacred attributes of the goddess of love and the messenger of the god of waters. In ancient Egypt the fish was a negative symbol as it was associated with evil, fear, criminal  intentions, but at the same time with gods. Among the Jews the emblem of Holy Trinity is represented by an image of three intertwined fish (or three fish with one head).
Some fish species have their own meaning  and that’s why they are specially marked out.
 The most widespread fish tattoos are following :

  • Shark tattoo - a symbol of power, leadership, authority, courage, successful business;
  • Carp tattoo  - a symbol of boldness, success, movement and joy of  life;
  • Salmon tattoo  - a symbol of wisdom, knowledge and inspiration;
  • Trout tattoo - a symbol of mobility, energy and active life;
  • Goldfish tattoo - a symbol of beauty and aspiration for it, grace, abundance, prosperity, fulfillment of desires, happiness and luxury;
  • Sturgeon tattoo - a symbol of Russia;
  • Dolphin tattoo  – a symbol friendliness, sociability, sharpness, intelligence, generosity, freedom and harmony.

Fish Tattoos  differ from each other by variety of colors, shapes, sizes  and applying styles  as well as by  various meanings that exist  among different nations all over the world.
Places on human body for tattoo applying depend on the type  of  fish, its quantity (pair, group) and size of image. For example, shark tattoos  are applied on forearms, shoulder blades, biceps, calves, underarms, back;  smaller images of goldfish can be placed on forearms, neck, ankles, back sides of palms or feet.

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