Jesus tattoos

Jesus tattoos

The meaning of Jesus tattoo is great. The depiction of Jesus in tattoo can be usually met in Christian belief. Jesus often is depicted hanging on the cross. As in many Jesus tattoo designs face is depicted and glowing around it. If we speak about the modern Christian tattoo art, it dates back probably to the times of cross-culture movement in 60s and 70s. In this time sex, drugs and rock-n-roll were battling against the Christian culture.

After coming of Christianity and Muslim eras tattoos became very popular in the Middle East and Europe. This problem probably was based on the soil of religious competition. And still, despite of the struggle between these two religions, in more early religion in Palestine there was a ritual tattooing, that has always been a trade mark.

Later early Jews banned the marking of their competitors. That lead to the tattoo ban for two thousand years.

Jews got the support of Rome and Islamic world because Old Testament is acknowledged both by Christians and Muslims. However, even taking into account this ban, the tattooing couldn’t be destroyed completely among the people from Europe. Pilgrims helped to preserve this practice inside of these religions. In Medieval times nobody could know where the pilgrim was. The only way to prove that he has been in the holy land, was to return with the tattoo which was made by the Coptic priests. They practiced this art behind the walls of Jerusalem. The most wide spread tattoo represented the cross with Jesus. But sometimes Holy Mary could be depicted on Jesus tattoo designs as well.

Jesus head is a popular tattoo design among the prisoners who apply such Jesus tattoo design on a cross with the bible and often written word Freedom below in the form of the fire. The meaning of the tattoo – freedom and belief were burnt. Such Jesus tattoo design is usually applied on the chest or on the shoulder.
Jesus from Nazareth, or as he was also known Jesus Christ, and sometimes called as just Jesus and just Christ – is considered to be the vital person of Christianity. He was the person who influenced a lot not only the Christianity, but also all the other religions as well. This can be the reason for the fact that Jesus tattoo designs are extremely popular.
Of course to believe or not to believe – it is the choice of exact person. If a person believes in God, then he must have his own image of God in his heart. Of course, these images may differ a lot because each man perceives Jesus in his own unique way.

Jesus tattoos are known to depict probably the most well-known person in human history. The interest in these kind of tattoos can be understood – people ca believe or not believe in Jesus, but they for sure everybody knows what Jesus stands for. If the Jesus tattoo is made by believing people, they apply Jesus tattoo designs that would remind them of the sacrifice Jesus made for all the people. Jesus tattoo  designs, as it was said earlier, can be very different, because nobody can actually totally agree on how Jesus actually looks like.

Different Jesus tattoo designs may depict Jesus in sorrow and in joy. Every Jesus tattoo design may have its own separate meaning. Therefore each of the applicants of the Jesus tattoos can choose anything up to their liking and include the meaning they want in it, even their own. Jesus tattoos are always speaking and actually can tell much more than words. The body parts for such Jesus tattoo application can be very different, but the most widely used is the back because it is rather big to create a really beautiful and speaking design.

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