Hummingbird tattoos

Hummingbird tattoos

Hummingbird is a small bird that lives in tropic forests and is the smallest on Earth. It remains unnoticed until it is lighted with the sun rays. Then the feathers of the small bird becomes colorful and has any color of the rainbow. The coloring of hummingbirds of more than 300 known species of them is unique. Willing to become unique and bring vivid colors to their lives, girls often apply hummingbird tattoo designs, preferring the image of this bird to any other tattoo motifs.

The meaning of the hummingbird tattoo design is derived from the people of the Northern and Southern America. The Indians of the North America considered that the hummingbirds to save people from hunger in bad times played riddles with God, and winning, got grain as a prize, that it gave in favor of the starving people. That is why for Indians who lived in the North America hummingbird symbolizes wit, bravery, ability to overcome hardships, resurrection and immortality.

The tribes of North America were sure that these small birds are the symbol of life. It was considered that if the souls of lovers stayed together after death, they turned to hummingbird. "Flying flowers" and "Alive jewels" – that is how the Indians described these rainbow hummingbirds. There has been the opinion that hummingbirds help the loving people in any way. To have mutual feelings or get rid of bad love or to meet a real love – all this was considered to be possible only with the help of hummingbird. According to the legend, the hummingbird must be drawn on some unnoticed body part, live a whole day and night with it and then in the morning have it washed away. At night the hummingbird must give its lover the advice.

In Brazil it was considered that in the times when the rain stopped to fall and sun destroyed every plant, the hummingbird saved the people from drought. The hummingbird pitied the dying of thirst people and began to bring water in its beak until the rain continued. That’s why nowadays hummingbird tattoos can mean pity and life.

Thus, the hummingbird tattoos are suitable to a woman who can be happy with every day, lives in harmony with all the world, has tender souls and sensual perception of the world. Hummingbird tattoo designs will tell all the others that its applicant is open to the world, optimistic, positive and extraordinary.

Hummingbird tattoos are the best examples of the symbols of love for the life. Hummingbird is the bird and supports the symbolism of the freedom, but it is highly connected with flowers and looks similar to butterfly, and that is why it takes some meanings from the butterflies. It similarly can be the symbol of easy taking the hardships of life, tenderness and beauty.

Hummingbird is not a widely spread kind of bird, that is why the meaning of the hummingbird tattoos are not as multinational, as others, more popular birds. Many tribes, such as Maya and Aztecs, connected these birds with love symbolism, and different love potions were prepared from their flowers. Hummingbirds are famous not only for their small size, but also quickness and bravery. That is why hummingbird tattoo designs are associated not only with love and beauty, but also with the movement. The people of Caribbean consider hummingbird to be the symbol of the richness of nature and its variety.

Hummingbird tattoos are ideal for people who love the life and is happy with it, who can take everything from each new day and want to live in harmony with the outer world and the people, is sensual and of tender soul. Hummingbird tattoos underline the openness towards the world and people, optimism, positive things, extraordinarity and the exotic of its bearer. Hummingbird tattoo is the most popular among females, taking its position between butterflies and flowers.

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