Homemade tattoos

Homemade tattoos

If you are tattoo fan and still want to apply a tattoo, you can choose the homemade tattoos, that are not permanent. Here we will reveal some secrets of application of homemade tattoos.

Everything is simple. And if you don’t want to do the temporarily tattoo to make yourself glad and make glad your close friend, you will have to do the following, step by step:

  1. First of all you will have to transmit the homemade tattoo design to the tracing paper. And do not forget to make it of mirror type.
  2. To copy the image to your body, you will have to use a special pencil
  3. The skin of body part on which you are willing to apply homemade tattoo, has to be deprived of fat.
  4. After this you will have to apply tracing paper with the side where you put the pencil. For image to transmit you will have to make the tracing paper wet and press it carefully to your skin.
  5. In result we get the image on the skin

But sometimes people decide to make a permanent homemade tattoo. Tattoos nowadays are very popular. They are applied not only by males, but females too, especially the young ones. The process of application of such tattoos is rather hard, but it can be done even at home.

Before you decide to apply a homemade tattoo, you have to prepare to this process. The homemade tattoo application virtually can be divided into three parts: preliminary preparation, the application of homemade tattoo design and then posttraumatic skin rehabilitation. During the preparation you have to choose the image, choose the color of future tattoo and its exact position. Remember – the homemade tattoo will stay with you forever. It will stay with you after 10 years and after 20 years. Evaluate the professional qualities of the tattoo artist. If his qualification is not high, homemade tattoo can be made in less visible body part. Your next task is to prepare the instruments and materials. Quality is the main criteria when choosing the tattoo device and pigments of tattoo. Don’t forget to get single-use needles and caps. Check if you have the allergic reaction on the pigment. Now take care of the light – there must be enough of it. Decide the question with anesthesia. Determine if you will follow the rule, that beauty demands sacrifices or buy anesthetic spray.

Mind your alcohol – it is not recommended. If you drink alcohol, your veins widen and blood flow will be more intense, therefore washing away the pigment and homemade tattoo design can lose its quality.

The homemade tattoo application goes several stages. First one is the preparation of the skin – from the chosen body part you have to remove all hair, use antiseptic and remove fat from the skin – hydrogen peroxide can be used.

Next step is the application of the image – you can draw it with helium pen right on your body, and if the image is complex, you can use tracing paper and pencils. Next you have to proceed to actual tattoo application with the use of tattoo device. After that you will have to follow some procedures of tattoo application: the removal of blood spots and application of antiseptic compress. From here your desire to apply the homemade tattoo is fulfilled – you become the lifetime tattooed person. After this you will have to stand 10-12-day period of self-care for the injured skin. During this time you cannot lie under the sun, go to the sauna and participate in any  sport activities. Remember, the most important thing on all stages is tidiness and sterility.

Be careful also when choosing the exact homemade tattoo design – remember that in this case your tattoo is permanent, so you will have to leave with it for many years. Good luck!

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