Hip tattoos

Hip tattoos

From a historical point of view, one can say that hip tattoos in modern days society were first "thought up" by women. It was they that started gradually changing over from back tattoos to tattooing side of stomach. Hips area as well as back or stomach is very convenient for tattooing. It's one of the broadest areas, the hips skin being the most elastic and smooth, that's why the tattoo looks very attractive and the process of its tattooing is almost painless. Hips allow putting larger pictures on the body, the passages to back and stomach are practiced pretty often, adding even more graphic, visual size. By means of a good author's idea and the combination of colors one can create excellent, fairly genre, artistically harmonious picture on hips and the surrounding areas. Despite all the above, hip tattoos are a bit unusual and to some extent intimate.

Hip tattoos are one of the sexiest and the most beautiful tattoos. Moreover, it's true for both male and female. Women often lengthen a hip tattoo down to the thigh, thus adding it more intimacy. Such a tattoo, red and black cherry blossom branch, for instance, looks great on a beautiful woman body. It emphasizes feminine traits of mysteriousness and tenderness. Among black and white tattoos we can emphasize inscriptions, figures and hieroglyphs. Hip tattoo inscriptions are very beautiful, creatively different and popular, especially among men. The well-chosen meaning and design on the hip of a man may emphasize his courage very well and express the creativity of the idea about such a decoration. Phrases in Latin and philosophic proverbs in Chinese enjoy great popularity.

I can give some advice for female half of the audience with tattoos. In order to emphasize your own style and personal touch I recommend you to try on small hip tattoos. You can use a small butterfly or a cat, short calligraphic inscriptions or any other little traditional female illustrations.

Another hip tattoo advantage is that one can see it from both front and rear and that it is well combined with back and stomach tattoos. Hip tattoos which photos are presented in our website catalogs have a wide range of styles and meanings. Here you can choose the style and the meaning that is suitable for you and your state of mind, and embodies your values, morals and merits.

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