Hand tattoos

Hand tattoos

Hand tattoos, as well as finger tattoos are rather rare, if we not of course speak about the tattoos that have been got in prisons or the ones that haven’t been thought over well in youth.

In general hand tattoos in modern usage are used mainly to tattoo over old and bad tattoos, or the tattoos that bear bad meaning you don’t want anymore.

The best hand tattoo designs include names, initials, inscriptions, small symbols of knuckles or even between them.

Hand, according to its structure, is not very good for tattoo application. Due to its thin skin the ink is constantly laid not too straight and there can be holes and gaps in the ink. Hand is the most used body part of human body and that’s why there is no wonder that it is suffering due to constant contacts with water and sun and it prevents hand tattoo designs from keeping their initial clarity, vivacity and bright color. If we speak about hand tattoo on hands and especially on fingers – this procedure is considered a painful one because unlike any other body parts the nerves in hands are too close to skin and this makes the application rather painful. It is always good to mention that the healing, because of constant hand contact with the environment, as well as fingers, can be much longer.

Hands, as well as fingers, are always the first to glance during communication and often are considered the persons’ business card. The tattoos on hands and hand tattoo designs on fingers cannot be hidden under the clothing, of course if we do not speak about winter period, that is why before deciding to apply a hand tattoo you must think a lot whether it will not interfere your career or will it ever bring you satisfaction because of its existence.

Nowadays such tattoos are not very popular but the popularity is increased. Hand tattoos can greatly show a persons individuality. Let us see what kind of thing can be depicted on hand tattoo designs. There can be some short and meaningful inscriptions, for example love, freedom or breath. Sometimes people choose such hand tattoo design as lovers name or some symbolic date.

One of the advantages of the use of hand tattoos is that such hand tattoo designs can be used not only on one hand but also on both hands at once. For example on one hand we can put the word love, on another – hate. There can even be the variants when the phrase is rather long and begin on one hand and then continue to another.

Hand tattoo designs can be very different. Sometimes as hand tattoo designs some mystical inscriptions can be used. Sometimes hand tattoos can contain Latin inscriptions, some sacred texts that are used for gaining luck. Most popular among hand tattoo designs got the inscriptions-mottos, that can reveal the character of the person, his strivings and life position of the owner. Often such inscriptions are made with gothic or other similar kinds of fonts with combination of different variants of ornaments.

As it was said earlier, such hand tattoos are not very easy to apply, and that’s why the help of experienced tattoo artist is needed. Every respectable tattoo shop is ready to offer a lot of different hand tattoo designs. The procedure is rather hard because of the place of application – all tattoo artists underline that it is not very convenient to do tattoos on fingers and knuckles. Hand tattoos are a little easier for application, but for applicant the procedure is not so good – it feels rather painful. It’s up to you to decide which exact design to take, but first of all be sure to decide that you really need head tattoo. The fact is that it can be seen everywhere and you won’t be able to easily hide it.