Girly tattoos

Girly tattoos

Girls are sure that tattoo can make their body more beautiful and sexual. It is important to choose correctly the girly tattoo design and the place of such tattoo application, not to look vulgar. As opposed to men, who apply tattoos on visible places and try to make others pay great attention to it, women have other priorities. They often choose not visible areas of application for their girly tattoo designs.

The wrong place for tattoo can spoil all the effect of girly tattoo design. If we refer to statistics, most of all girls choose the following five places – waist, small of the back, buttocks and some other places. Girly tattoos on such place look glaringly and stylish. The most popular theme for these places are – flowers, Celtic ornaments and animals. On the waist very good look such girly tattoo designs as pictures with wide part in the middle and narrow on the edges. The girls must know, that on buttocks and waist the girly tattoo design can stretch during the time because of the reason of different physical changes, for example weight. But these body parts are still popular among girls.

The inner part of the thigh is considered to be the erogenous area and also the place for seducing tattoos. Here it must be considered that too big girly tattoo design will look out of the shorts and  short skirts. Many women choose small girly tattoos on their hips. There are a lot of  variants of girly tattoo designs that look good on the feet. The tattoo artist can offer such girly tattoo designs as dragons, snakes, phoenix bird, peacock feathers, and many other girly tattoo designs. Collarbone is a place for girly tattoo application for brave girl. This place is very convenient for the work of the tattoo master, that is why he can apply girly tattoo design of any complexity. With this one has to consider that it cannot be hidden easily, especially during the summer time when girls wear open costumes. Most of all they choose small girly tattoo designs representing cross, half-moon, horseshoe, zodiac sign, animal and flower. To hide the tattoo  one will have to wear dresses with closed back, however, girls, who decided to apply such tattoo in this area, this question does not bother much.

Also such body part as the lower part of the belly is very popular for girly tattoo design application. The application of the girly tattoo on this body part can be painful. It is hard for tattoo artist to apply tattoo on this body part because the surface is not firm. Before girly tattoo application you have to know that in some time the shape of the belly will surely change according to some physiological reasons, and that is why the girly tattoo deformation will be inevitable. This of course will not have a good look. But the application of tattoo on the lower part of the line of the stomach will be the best variant, if in future there will be changes in weight. This body part is very popular among girls, because it can be hidden easily. Usually women choose such girly tattoo designs as berries, rabbit, cat and many others.

The shoulder is considered to be very elegant woman body part. The specialists think it to be the ideal place for tattoo application. There can be chosen different girly tattoo designs and all of them will look beautiful: wings, stars, hieroglyphs, mythical creatures, some can bear even whole compositions, for example, fantastic scenes. All the peculiarities regarding the girly tattoo design modification, the choice of size of girly tattoo and many other things, can be solved in the conversation with the professional master. He will help to determine the actual place and girly tattoo design for a girl not to regret her body beauty.