Frog tattoos

Frog tattoos

Nowadays frog tattoos become very popular  all over the world. In general they symbolize wealth and fertility, fecundity and sexual energy, magic and revival (as frogs come to life after winter), renovation and eternal spring, playfulness and creativity, longevity and happiness, rain and water, fun, games and silly wishes.


But every nation has its own perception of frogs. Thus these little creatures are associated with various qualities and symbolize a lot of notions.
So the Hindus and Aztecs believed that  frog embodied wealth, magic, spirituality, positive emotions and good luck. The Celts considered the frog was the mistress of the earth, which also was able to cure from illnesses with a help of water.


In Egypt green frog  was a symbol of a new life, abundance, longevity, fecundity (the frog goddess helped woman in childbirth, protected mothers and babies), reproducing nature forces, and strength born by weakness. For ancient Greeks and Romans the frog meant amorousness, harmony in love and was a sign of the goddess  Venus ( or the Aphrodite in Greece).
In ancient China people thought, that frogs were moon creatures and it was possible to call for rain with their help. In Japan there was a cult of three-legged frog. It was always depicted with small and strong body without a neck, with exaggerated bulging eyes to see happy future of its owner, and with very big mouth to collect and fulfill all desires of its master by eagerly swallowing them.
Perception of the frog is very negative among Christians, because it is regarded as a symbol of sins, heresy, envy, greed, worldly pleasures, even evil spirit. Frog is considered as the witches’ companion, which  reminds about death and torment of sinners.


A frog in the well is a personification of a narrow-minded person, but if it’s on the well it becomes the symbol of insight and awakening of person’s perception.
Also very widespread tree frog tattoo design, that symbolizes uniqueness, creativity and non-conformist behavior. There’s a belief that subconsciously we perceive the frog as rather a humanlike being  ( just recall the fairy-tales, where frogs often appear to be enchanted beauties).


 Frog tattoos are applied on various body parts taking into consideration customer’s preferences. But mostly it depends on the size of the image.
Thus large images  are possible to get on a hip, side or back, waist or abdomen. Small image is applied on  hands, ankles and chest. Men prefer mostly small sized frog tattoo placed on a forearm, leg, neck, shoulder blade, back of the hand.

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