Friendship tattoos

Friendship tattoos

Friendship tattoos are a great way to show your relations with some person. When two persons are friends, they for sure can withstand the test of time. True friends always remain friends – whether in good or bad times – they always stay together and try to help each other in anything they can. Usually friends are good to spend time with, to have a great time and to support you if you are in sorrow or feel down. When you see your friends your sorrow becomes easier. All this can be depicted in different friendship tattoo designs. If you have a best friend it will be a very good idea to choose some friendship tattoo designs that represent matching images – that will show the bond between you and reveal your friendship. Also in friendship tattoo designs you may choose corresponding colors, that will additionally show your feelings towards each other.


If we speak about special friendship tattoo designs – a very good one is flower or a butterfly. Also great thing is to reveal in friendship tattoos similar interests with your friend, especially if you have the love for the same style of music or the same group – the friendship tattoo on both of you, that depicts some musical elements relevant to the chosen style, can influence your friendship rather positively. Also, if you have some quotation that is favorite for you both, you can also apply such friendship tattoo designs on you.

Some people also decide to apply such friendship tattoo as the face of the friend.

It is always a good idea to choose friendship tattoo design among some matching tattoos. Sometimes friends to underline their friendship choose to apply tattoos on the same body parts and of the same friendship tattoo design – these kind of tattoos underline their unity.

Also among the popular friendship tattoo designs are funny cat tattoos – cats that are grinning. Inner wrist tattoos are very popular as well because in case of their application anyone can see the matching of such tattoos with a simple movement of your and your friends arm.

Butterflies are considered to be one of the most popular friendship tattoo designs as well. Sometimes even friends initials can be depicted on their wings.

Dragon tattoos can also be a good idea, especially if you and your friend are crazy about fantasy – you can even apply matching dragons on your tattoo design.

Wings look great on the backs – you can choose such friendly tattoo design to show that your friendship is free and flying high.

Friendship tattoos are very good to show feelings towards some person. The great thing is that with various friendship tattoo designs you can reveal your attitude to any person you like. It is very important, however, for these feelings to be mutual.

When you are going to apply a friendship tattoo with someone, pay great attention to whom you are choosing. Think before applying anything. Apply friendship tattoos only if you are sure that your friendly relationship will last forever. This is needed because the tattoo is a permanent thing and you cannot get rid of it as easily, as you can do with friendship.

Some of really true friends are that crazy, that decide to ornament their bodies totally with friendship tattoo designs. It is a little bit unusual of course for friendship tattoos, but still can be seen sometimes. It is very popular to show your mutual interest that can be very different – among such friendship tattoo design themes can be the love for music, sports, movies, different genres of books and so on. If you wish to show your friendship and don’t know what friendship tattoos to choose – any artist in tattoo shop can help you to make your choice.



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